Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Where does UKIP's money go and what does it do?

This is a question which occurs to me every time UKIP comes round with their begging bowl. UKIP now have 11 MEPs entitled to substantial EU funds. A large amount goes into the EFD and is thus controlled by Farage. What can only be described as a motley crew of quasi PR people seem to be employed on these funds. Mark Croucher, former publican and scourge of neo-Nazis and racists seems to be one. Strange then to find him having to defend the neo-Nazi racist Liga Nord, the other main component of the EFD.

Junius named one Herman Kelly, EFD Director of Communications no less, as allegedly a Republican sympathiser as also being paid from EFD funds. Mr Kelly appears to have previously worked for Ganley's Libertas as a spin doctor. Strange as I was villified by the Cabal when some members of my branch, not me, I was neutral on the issue, wanted to explore a joint venture with Libertas about 18 months ago. But as in all cults if the leader says its all right, its all right and if the leader says its all wrong  its all wrong because the leader is always right!

Not including Mr Kelly there are 33 people listed as on the EU payroll for what I opine will be big bucks, sorry Euros. I note the oft mentioned Mme Laloux whose responsibilities on Fish and Women's right seem to be also covered by Mr Illingworth. Mr Croucher's name strangely does not appear on the list although Mr Kelly is tight at the top in overall charge.

Of UKIP MEPs only Gerard, 1,  and Andreasen, 3, list any research assistants. Nikki list one also but I am not sure if she now counts as a UKIP MEP.

MEP's also finance the ROs in each region from EU money to keep an eye on the members and coordinate things in their region.

It does not seem quite to add up to the 185952€ Euro annually the EU were reported by Times Online in 2008 paying MEPs plus of course the  4052€ per month to run a constituency office. I would be grateful if anyone can post the answer to this puzzle as a comment on this blog.

I can see what Nikki is doing with her EU loot to try and get us out of the EU. As for the rest...?

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