Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Dr Sinn, thoughts of an unapproved UKIP member

There is a German economist with the wonderful name of Dr Sinn who is head of IFO economic research institute in Munich. Reading some of the postings on  my current UKIP status I am considering changing my name to Edmond Sinn or Sinn Edmond a bit like Mr Banerman. But having two Dr Sinns might be confusing especially as Hans Wener's political economic views and mine seem very close.

Dr Sinn was reported last week in the DT that the Greek austerity measures cannot prevent a default and this will lead on to a breakdown of political order. Precisely what I have been writing these last 6 months and more. He goes on to say that 'the policy of forced internal devauation, deflation and depression could risk driving Greece to the edge of civil war. It is impossible to cut wages and prices by 30% without major riots'. I put this precise point to Tim Congdon last Friday in reply to his correct statement that the Greeks had enough money to seem them through the next 18 months. As Dr Sinn and I recognise however the subject's correct title is political economics!

Greece only survived because of EU largesse but is now headed for another dip and serious civil unrest this Autumn as I have oft opined

The DT picks up today the story I highlighted yesterday that the EU wants to grab the rest of our rebate to give to worthier causes like EU crat and MEP pensions presumably.

Moving on to UKIP trivia I read on GLW's blog that Nuttall has posted a reply to Rob McWhirter's query about my UKIP status stating that my 'name was never mentioned' at the last NEC on Thursday. Ho, hum. This is the same Nuttall who has not approved my access to the UKIP member's forum as Rob can confirm. This forces me to read what is happening to me on GLW's blog!

Rob is well meaning but untutored in the ways of the Cabal. I dare say my name will not appear in the minutes of that NEC meeting but I have every confidence in my sources. Names do not have to be mentioned explicitly but one knows whom the discussion is about. I expect my expulsion to be a multi-stage process that has in fact already started. I am already classified as a UKIP member, 'not in good standing' with Mr Nuttall and his boss Mr Farage. This means I cannot be on the disciplinary committee etc. Next I will be suspended pending disciplinary hearings to stop me standing in the leadership contest if I wish to. Then there will be a disciplinary panel packed with Farage nodding donkeys with as much idea of how to run such proceedings as the acting returning officer had of how to run an election count in the recent NEC elections!

It is excellent that McTrough has been outed. I have high hopes that he may even surpass Denny for UKIP damaging postings.

I am sure however I can rely on the GLW and Junius blogs to keep us all up to date on my progress out of the party. That is the UKIP way!

To burnish my forecasting credentials I predict Nigel Farage will be announced as leader of UKIP on Guy Fawkes day, 5th November. It's as certain as Pakistani no balls!

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