Monday, 6 September 2010

UKIP must publish the video of Saturday's debate on its pan-European party policy

This debate was videotaped by UKIP and this tape should be placed in the public domain on YouTube by UKIP asap so the many members unable to attend Torquay can judge for themselves on this crucial defining issue of whether UKIP is an EU party or a British party.

The last video taped UKIP meeting I attended was a leadership husting debate at Exeter racecourse at which Pearson gave the most inept bumbling performance I have ever seen even in a school debate. This video never saw the public light of day, suppressed by the usual suspect in the South West. How much better for UKIP would it have been for the ordinary members to have seen Pearson's unsuitability before the leadership election than have it so cruelly and embarrassingly exposed, so often, on National TV during the General Election campaign. How much better would UKIP have done with a competent leader who would not have advocated voting Tory or trying to get UKIP candidates to stand down to benefit Tories. But then, as Mr Farage so eloquently put it on National TV, Lord Pearson was 'head and shoulders' above the other candidates. Perhaps Mr F should see that optician friend of his Mr D.  

The debate was chaired by UKIP's leading Europhile and major consumer of EU jollies, Derek Clark. The same Derek Clark who in flagrant breach of UKIP policy signed us up to subsidiarity while on an EU jolly in Romania some years ago. He clearly has difficulty telling the time. It is reported to me that he tried to cut Tim Congdon's speech short at one minute claiming he had spoken for four minutes. Next up was Mr Farage who was given a generous 4 minutes. Much good did it do the UKIP Europhiles as the motion that any future membership of a pan-European Brussels party by UKIP MEPs must be approved by a ballot of the entire party was passed overwhelmingly.

Let UKIP publish the tape of this debate and also the debate on regional NEC elections so ordinary members can judge for themselves the truth of what I write and the arguments of those who opposed these two excellent motions.

Junius reports today that following these debates the NEC called an emergency meeting to discuss the party's approval of both these non-Cabal approved motions. Rather than secret meetings put the video tapes in the public domain and let members judge for themselves. That's the way forward for UKIP.

Meanwhile back in Brussels the power and money grab gathers pace. Brussels plans an EU Treasury says the Sunday Telegraph. 'Mission Creep' fears surround new EU financial regulatory watchdogs says the DT today. But the real creep is Tory MEP Vicky Ford whose soothing words were 'We are not giving away the keys to the Bank of England'. Now how often have we heard those statements from Tories since 1972 and they have, without exception, been 100% wrong.

Reuters report that European Union budget chief Janusz Lewandowski was quoted by a newspaper Monday as saying Britain's rebate from the bloc was unwarranted and should be repealed. Well thats another few billions for the UK taxpayer to find to help our EU friends. Mr L. is a Pole. Poland is a country benefiting from EU funds.

And what will the UKIP Brussels Cabal be doing about this? Not a lot I opine.

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