Saturday, 4 September 2010

Democracy eventually triumphs at UKIP Conference

The existing pan European EFD group of which UKIP is a member is disintegrating. New EU parliament groupings may therefore soon be formed. There was a hugely encouraging vote on Saturday at a conference session debate to put UKIP's future membership of any pan-European group to a vote of the ordinary members.  Tim Congdon and Trevor Colman spoke strongly in favour of this motion. This obviously resonated with the ordinary members and there was an overwhelming vote in favour of the motion despite the pathetic attempts by the debate chairman, and leading EU beneficiary, Clark to thwart the will of the ordinary members.

This news cheered me up greatly. Ordinary UKIP members have made a start in reasserting democracy in the party. They are the salt of the Earth and I am proud to know them. It will do UKIP the world of good to separate itself from Liga Nord and the other EU fascist groups. It opens the way I hope for Nikki to return to UKIP. I hope that now UKIP will move forward concentrating on UKIP policies designed to benefit the people of our islands undistracted by the malign fascist influence of  EU money and parties like Liga Nord, the party that sponsored the Lisbon Treaty in the EU parliament!

The second motion that was carried was that each region should elect one member to the NEC. This is excellent news. It means that all UKIP members will have an NEC representative that they have elected to address their concerns to, and whom I would expect to do as MPs currently do, reply to their constituents communications, report the action they have taken and the response from the NEC. It is another huge and long overdue step in restoring democracy in UKIP. Well done the ordinary members of UKIP!

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