Saturday, 4 September 2010

UKIP NEC vote to kick me out of the party

I have just returned from a day trip to Torquay to attend some fringe meetings at the UKIP conference. I was approached by several UKIPers eager to tell me the NEC the previous day, Thursday, had decided to kick me out of the party. I await official notification from Comrade Nuttall or Comrade Zuckerman or whoever. There should of course be a disciplinary hearing to which I may even be invited but it will be packed with Farage supporters and the result a foregone conclusion. Its a pity UKIP's NEC occupy their time with such a trivial matter rather than considering how to get us out of the EU's rapacious clutches or perhaps how to increase not decrease UKIP membership. It won't stop me writing my blog.

I attended Nikki's fringe meeting along with the usual quota of Farage supporters, in this case Reeve and Mickelthwaite. Nikki's referendum campaign deserves support. She is doing something in the UK to try and get us out of the EU. The Farage Cabal is doing nothing to match it in our core policy area in our own country.

The breaking news was that allegations of fraud using EU money had been made by a whistleblower against Nikki the previous evening. Clearly a deliberate leak by the UKIP spin machine made at a time to do maximum damage to Nikki's fringe meeting. Nikki did say there had been a spy in her office, presumably the whistleblower involved. I hope Plod does a thorough investigation on this allegation if they ever receive a complaint.. Personally I have always found Nikki to be a woman of transparent honesty and integrity. I don't believe Nikki has done any different with her EU funds than any other UKIP MEP.

Del Young was dismissed as head of Young Independence using similar tactics and allegations. Farage's UKIP will never change. Without a new leader from outside the Cabal and not on the Brussels payroll UKIP will wither and die. Job done for the Tories I'd say!

Lord Pearson did not seem to be present at the main conference but even with his absence the UKIP age profile still seemed quite elderly. Its literally a dying party. Farage's description of Pearson as head and shoulders above all the other leadership candidates last year can now be clearly seen as what it was, a piece of silly, impolitic  bravado from a man besotted by those with the titles he craves, Monckton, Dartmouth, Willoughby de Broke and the late lecher of the valleys.

The faithful however can rejoice, the Fuerher is returning to lead them further into the EU mire. The second phase of the Russian campaign is about to begin and inevitably UKIP will meet its Stalingrad. I know he has still a leadership election to win but in UKIP such things can be considered mere formalities a bit like disciplinary hearings.


Junius said...

We told you so. It was a good way of preventing you standing for the leadership!

Eric Edmond said...

Indeed it is! I obviously have them worried.

Greg L-W. said...


sorry to hear UKIP has sunk to a new low and after the years of effort you have given to UKIP - rather than waste time on the pond life that form the leadership and have so corrupted UKIP.

It may amuse you that that serial liar and low life Douglas Denny lied again and again to block a disciplinary hearing into Tom Wise having brought UKIP into disrepute - but don't forget his master was earning money out of Wise every month he remained in UKIP and was a member of Farage's income machine via the 4000 account.

That is why he is so angry about Sinclaire & Nuttall he loses over €150,000 of personally controlled income!

Wise also gave Farage numerous £Thousands of the stolen money for Farage to settle a debt and despite knowing it was stolen Farage has NEVER repaid it to the tax payers.


Greg L-W. said...


so I guess the next honourable man to be villified by the scum in UKIP's leadership will be Geoffrey Collier for seeking the truth!

Consider being thrown out by a common or garden theif like Farage (the list is long including telling lies and thus stealing £30K a year for his wife!)

A liar like David Bannerman who has lied outright about his ancestry which under British law is a criminal fraud. he is also under OLAF investigation for the fraud Agnew so graphically explained via tThe Sunday Times.

A liar and low life who has done so much to bring UKIP into disrepute with his lies, abuse, dishonesty, corruption and dishonourable cheating Mike McGough.

An excrecence like Douglas Denny who himself was removed by his peers from the NEC for lies, duishonesty, corruption and seeking to rig a UKIP internal election.

Sadly it is all too easy to go through the list and realise there isn't a single individual of probity and stature in UKIP's NEC or amongst its MEPs and the staff one would not give a job stacking shelves in a Pound Shop whence the party CEO came!!!

HOW can ANYONE be accused of bringing UKIP into disrepute when its MEPs get themselves arrested copulating with black prostitutes on the bonnets of cars and running away from bordellos without paying.

How can one bring into disrepute a party where Trevor Colman as a bent ex copper colluded in the cover up of Tom Wise's criminality seemingly for prefferment?

Just how does one bring such pond life into disrepute.

No way can YOUR banning order be legally or morally valid nor could one against Collier!


Eric Edmond said...


Thx for your comments. I welcome all views and they go in my blog uncensored as you know.

I have as many faults as the next man but I try and practise what I preach, democracy and freedom of speech. I believe everyone's views have a right to be heard. Only views inciting racial or religious violence or child abuse of any sort should be censored.