Monday, 27 September 2010

Labour leadership election - lessons for UKIP

So Miliband Minor triumphs thanks to a dodgy voting system, 30000 'spoiled ballot papers' and the power of a few union barons and as a result has won the next election for Cameron by a landslide. Labour's internecine warfare and character assassination is soooo like UKIP its scary. Narrow factional interests and personalities has blinded them to their parties over-arching aim, to choose as leader someone who has a chance of winning the next General Election.

Miliband Major, overwhelmingly the ordinary member's and MP's choice, could have won for Labour against this sordid coalition. Now Labour looks worse than the LibCons whose leaders desire for money and power has led them to sell out their principles and ordinary members to a bunch of public school oiks. Thus does narrow self interest and dirty tricks triumph over the greater good.

Its the same with UKIP. It is avowedly an EU withdrawalist party yet for EU Euros in the pockets of a few it is prepared to sell out the interests of the many by joining a pan-European party. There has been much spinning and dissembling by those on the UKIP payroll and the wannabees that taking EU money will further the UKIP cause. Not true, the only cause it furthers is the bank balances of the UKIP Cabal and its hangers on.

I list below a few consequences of taking EU funds:

It recognises the founding and legitimacy of the EU and assists its 'European integration' process.

It recognises the legitimacy of EU law and judicial system.

It recognises the legitimacy of EU treaties and the Charter of Fundamental Rights as interpreted by the EU supreme court 

It recognises the use of EU funds for funding pan-European political parties who can use these funds to contest UK seats in European elections with non-British candidates like Andreasen.

Worse, such funds cannot be used to support Nationalist political parties or candidates.

In the Bible Esau sold his birthright for a mess of pottage. Farage's UKIP will not even get as good a deal for the British people. It will be gravy for the Farage Cabal and blood sweat and tears for the rest of us.

Voting for Tim Congdon as leader will at least avoid these huge strategic errors and enable us to campaign in the UK for our freedom. Anyone for a tea party? Please post your name, email and twitter address on this blog so I can tweet you after tomorrows first leadership husting at Tiverton.

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