Friday, 24 September 2010

UKIP Leadership contestants so far

First, I won't stand now Tim is a definite runner. I would have stood otherwise.

I returned at lunch time today from my fact finding mission to Spain to find Tim and Farage both now have websites up and running. I recommend reading both with a critical eye.

Farage's is full of promises. In his my aims for UKIP section he shows what his real agenda is,

' We have the potential to be the biggest UK party in the European Parliament in 2014.'  

Even if UKIP won every UK seat in the next European elections it would not get us out of the EU! What MEP seats do is line Farage's pockets and those of his hangers on. That's all!

'I aim to lead a Party that is growing in numbers and in confidence.' 

UKIP party numbers have steadily declined while Farage and his incompetent stooge Pearson were leaders from the 30,000 post 2004 under Roger Knapman to well no une really knows how many paid up voting member there are but I guess around 16000.

The testimonials section is most interesting. It all seems to be from Young Independence wannabes! Our country's problems come from having professional career path politicos, look at Labour with Millipede one and two, but I had no idea they started at 16 as in UKIP! It frightens me. Its too like the 1930s.

Farage has been running UKIP unopposed for over five years. Its funny how all these new ideas pop up now he has an election to win. Farage is yesterday's man. He has had his chance. He deserves to be booted out. He has not advanced UKIP's core cause of leaving the EU one iota in fact by not vigorously opposing the Lisbon Treaty he has embedded us even more in the EU!

Compare Farage's mealy mouthed waffle with Tim Congdons clear statement below,

'I want to lead the UK Independence Party because it offers us the best hope of "getting our country back".

  1. I do not want to be a MEP. Repeat: I do not want to be a MEP.
  2. To maximise our votes in the 2014 European election and at the next general election requires a huge organizational effort through UKIP branches and regional organizers. This work must be done in the UK.
  3. I promise to spend over 90% of my time in the UK, with probably over half of it in London, in order to lead that organizational effort.
  4. I have been a successful businessman and investor. I have also been one of the UK's most influential economic commentators for over 30 years. If I become leader, UKIP will have the best economist in British politics
The centre of gravity of the UK Independence Party must be in the United Kingdom.'
 Clear and simple and based in the UK. The Greens have managed an MPin London who will be far more effective than 20 MEPs.

Another 4 years of Farage will finish UKIP. Daniel Hannan is the most effective anti - EU voice in Brussels at present and with his referendum movement he and his Tory friends will fill the anti-EU vacuum Farage's UKIP would leave in the UK.


Anonymous said...

Well said, I could not agree more.

UKIP could be playing the part, that in the US the tea party is playing, and be shaking up politics in the process.

But the tea party people are honest and principled, and frequently God fearing.

If our Nigel becomes leader again there will be no hope of that.

But if the backwoodsmen can bring themselves to vote for an honest, capable man who does not want to get on the MEP gravy train, there is a chance. Just a slim chance though, because the new leader will still have to contend with the endemic corruption that surrounds our ex metal trader.

Eric Edmond said...

Yes, I concur with your views. We do need a Tea Party here in the UK to shake up the political process. Last night's More 4 prog on the Millipedes showed just how far power is passed down in the political elite. They all love the EU because of the lucrative career path it provides. Mandy still picks up £6.5k a month from his EU commissioner package!