Sunday, 19 September 2010

Andreasen, the albatross round Farage's & UKIP's neck

After the Ancient Mariner shot the albatross to the horror of his ship mates they made him wear the dead albatross round his neck to remind all of the folly of his act. Farage's foisting of Andreasen on UKIP as a UK MEP was a similar act of folly that will condemn UKIP, like the Ancient Mariner, to wander, slowly dehydrating in the political doldrums.

It has been pointed out many times that this woman failed on 6 of the criteria required to go on the MEP slate, is on record as being an EU reformist, is not a UK citizen, does not live in the UK and has been rejected as a candidate by other political parties both in the UK and in other EU countries.The first time she tried to get into UKIP the then leader and former Tory whip Roger Knapman was wary and rightly vetoed her application. His old whip's instincts served UKIP well.

Whilst on the NEC, David, Del and I objected strenuously to her being placed on the UKIP MEP slate in not one but two regions. At Farage's behest Gill, UKIP's election supremo, waived the rules and waved Andreasen onto the list and disappeared on holiday. The rest is history and she was elected as UKIP MEP for the South East EU region of the UK. I know many other UKIP members and MEPs were deeply unhappy at this high handed action of Gill but the Farage placemen on the NEC simply nodded it through and as always no one else in UKIP was prepared to stand up against Farage's wishes however stupid. UKIP is now saddled with Andreasen and her litigation for the next 4 years.

It was a huge strategic mistake as Del and I pointed out at the time but the UKIP NEC sycos don't do anti EU strategy only self interest. It was the fulfilment of Monet's dream, an non UK national, not resident in the UK, elected for a UK constituency, the supreme endorsement of EU's ideals, a true anational  European politician. What more could UKIP do for the Brussels machine? Since her election what has Andreasen done to further the interests of the South East region? It is alleged  she does not even employ a UK national as her Brussels researcher. Vive the EU dream!

With the deteriorating  economic circumstances in the Eurozone the pressure for further integration will increase. Nation states control over their own budget can no longer be tolerated. After all look at the mess the PIIGS have got themselves into! Only an EU of European citizens with EU wide political parties can save us!

Farage will huff and puff about this and achieve nothing but Andreasen will be held up by the EU as a shining  example of the EU ideals. The fact she goes around suing the EU for her perceived grievances is more grist to the EU spin machine. That shows how the EU is a true guardian of personal civil liberties. After all Andreasen's actions would certainly not be tolerated in Argentina, one of her countries of origin. Even better as an EU reformist she could be put in charge of reforms. Who better? Poachers and gamekeepers!

And where does that leave UKIP? With an Argentinian Danish Spanish albatross round its neck and not a leg to stand on. Even Long John Silver, that other ancient mariner, had one leg and a crutch to stand on and no one ever doubted his British credentials, eh Jim lad.

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