Tuesday, 14 September 2010

UKIP must use the ERS as Farage runs scared of Batten.

Farage is worried about this leadership election. He is finding out he is not as popular with the UKIP faithful following his nominee Pearson's traitorous performance as leader and his own association with the racist neo-fascist Liga Nord group in the EU talking shop. Given the complete shambles at the NEC election this coming leadership election should of course be run by the ERS. Its going to be a very dirty business which is all the more reason the electoral process must be above suspicion. 

Farage is scared of losing control of UKIP. I expect he will exploit his total control of the party machine, access to the party database and via his control over EFD finances use the paid ROs to further his campaign and hinder that of the opposition. It won't be a level playing field and the ERS will certainly not be allowed to run the ballot unless other candidates demand it and indicate they will go to court if their request is refused. Its a test of the mettle and leadership qualities of the other candidates.

Tim Congdon is by far the richest of these other candidates and I would advise him to offer to pay for the ERS to conduct the poll when the Cabal come up with their fallacious cost argument. The ERS will cost less than £1 per member, a total of £15000 maximum and I would call that a price well worth paying for democracy in UKIP.

I expect Farage will already be exerting pressure via the ROs to mobilise his vote. This facility will of course not be available to any other candidate. So hardly a fair contest one might say but Farage cannot afford to lose! Favours will be called in, past indiscretions mentioned and skeletons rattled.

I would advise non-Farage  candidates to demand full access to the party database for their campaigns. I would also advise all candidates to copy the database supplied to them by Lexdrum house to the ERS with a request for their version to be checked against the poll version supplied by UKIP.

I watched on YouTube Gerard's speech at Torquay on the European Arrest Warrant. It was an excellent speech, much better than Farage's effort. It showed all the detail that Gerard is so good at. Gerard's  problem is he goes to jelly when confronted by Farage.

If Farage does not win he will still pose a huge problem and test for whoever does win. The new man should sack Farage straight away as party spokesmen and invite him to go off and join his Liga Nord friends and soul mates. I fear only Nikki had the guts to do this and she can't stand. We saw it before with Robin Page in the Eastern region MEP selection! The others may try and retain Farage's services. That would be a huge mistake and de facto leave Farage in power.

The sad thing is that Gerard's work on the EAW, given a suitable case, attractive nubile girl with a photogenic child, banged up in so Balkans prison  could make the front page of the Sun and really put UKIP and its cause on the political map in the UK. Gerard would do that scenario very well if he is allowed to but UKIP must avoid another Buckingham.

UKIP's needs a grass roots regional activist and good organiser like Nikki as leader. UKIP's strength is in the South West and East Anglia. Robin Page would have  been  ideal in East Anglia but the Cabal sabotaged him leaving  UKIP with their choice the unpopular political careerist Bannerman who of course poses no leadership threat to Farage. Ditto in the South West where Alan Wood has an excellent grass roots campaigning record but rightly could not stomach Pearson, the Tory traitor. Strange how all the good leadership candidates are no longer eligible! Its the result of the Cabal's hidden agenda eliminate serious leadership threats to their benefactor Farage and has gone on for many years with people like S'ski, Del Young and even poor little me. Keeping your snout in the EU trough was, is, and always will be the Cabal's real agenda.

I fear the other candidates will go on the well trodden political path of seeking to impress the London media and London based, self appointed, opinion formers, a route to certain failure in my opinion. LibLabCon are past masters of this tactic. A prime requirement of a great General is his ability to choose the best ground to fight on. UKIP's best chance is away from the London chattering classes. Fighting on LibLabCon ground will lead to certain defeat.

UKIP is a grass roots national movement or it is nothing. It needs a leader who can put a structure in place to mobilise this grass roots support over the whole country. It needs a great organiser and manager not a performing monkey in a London TV studio.

PS for another take on the Farage/Pearson fiasco click on slog.

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