Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Farage in database abuse allegations

Well I had not expected confirmation of my conjecture on this topic so quickly but I guess it shows NF is getting desperate. Junius alleges NF has been phoning up members asking for their support and bad mouthing the other as yet undeclared candidates as lacking in 'experience' and 'necessary qualities'. And what Junius rightly asks what  are these necessary qualities? His reply I quote below.

'So what qualities would they be? Trousering millions? Committing adultery? Chucking out anyone who doesn’t agree with you? Being an ass and a drunk?' Quite!

I have independent allegations that Farage has been phoning up UKIP members whose details can only have come from the UKIP database. If I had received such an unsolicited phone call from Mr F I should complain  to the data protection registrar. Mr F does not see me as one of his natural gullible mugs, sorry supporters, so I do not anticipate receiving a call. Will all the candidates be afforded similar access? Even if they are Farage has been given an unfair advantage by being able to do this before all nominations are in.

The other Junius report that Mockton intends to run is good news for the other candidates except Farage. Let is hope he picks up loads of the old Farage nominee Pearson aristo vote!

More worrying is the Junius report that the democratic UKIP NEC intends ignoring the overwhelmingly approved conference motion that UKIP MEPs shall not join any pan-European grouping without an affirmative  vote in a secret ballot of the whole membership. UKIP is about as democratic as the old GDR or any of these banana republics that include democratic in their title. Funny is it not that those who protest their democratic credentials like Comrade Nuttall quoted in the Junius blog thus, “The membership retains control of the party, and ensures that UKIP remains a bottom up organisation” ,are in fact the exact opposite, nasty dictators just like in Orwell's 1984.

Tim Congdon, the ablest, best connected and most committed to or EU withdrawal cause gave an honest, frank and illuminating interview to the Talking Clock blog, click for an excellent read and listen. Tim has offered to put a great deal of his own money into a UK UKIP London office and has all the managerial skills and top level political experience comp;etely absent in Farage and his Cabal. He is far away the ablest and best candidate to be leader of UKIP.

I give Tim's perceptive interview answer to why we are ruled by such a dreadful political class below but his whole interview is of high quality and shows how he could turn UKIP into a serious political party rather than a vehicle for the ambitions of third rate careerist wannabees.


As you obviously know, polls show that that the majority are opposed to or are to some extent unhappy at our relationship with the European Union. But if Parliament is supposed to represent the will of the people, how did we get here?

Tim's answer

"I think there’s two things. One thing, it’s corruption – that there is a separate class of people who are politicians. They don’t have money of their own. They therefore regard politics as a career. They failed to get into Westminster Parliament, there are other jobs around. There are jobs to some extent in this country and there are jobs in the European Union and the European Union is just another job. So, certainly at the end of your career, you know, to become a Commissioner, you’ve then have got various powers and patronage - it’s another job but it’s a sort of, you know, quite a nice job, you know, a lot of flunkies around, nice cars and life’s rather fun, yeah? So these people have become corrupt.

The second reason, may amaze you, is laziness. You know, what the job, the life of a Minister is incredibly pampered. You have – I’ve got many friends who have been through this life – you actually have… (aside)… a diary secretary, you have a car, you have your papers, you have, you know, all the red boxes that you have to read and decide what to do – the civil servants initiate, you say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ – by the way, if you reach a decision they don’t like they steer you, they control what you do. The bureaucracy doesn’t want democracy, the bureaucracy wants to control the politicians and, bit by bit, it’s the European bureaucracy has taken control of more and more of the European agenda, the European agenda has infiltrated national life and so now you have a situation where directives, regulations essentially coming from the European democracy become law in our country without any, without any control by our own politicians, without any control by our own Parliament and that disgusting state of affairs it arises because these politicians are pampered and lazy, they aren’t prepared to fight with and quarrel with their bureaucrats and say ‘you do what I want to do and you obey my orders…’ because actually, actually, they depend on the bureaucrats for their own pampered, soft way of life."

Having worked up close with our political class I can vouch for the accuracy of Tim's comments.

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