Thursday, 16 September 2010

Farage through non UKIP eyes

My national poet, Rabbie Burns wrote,

Oh wad some power the gift tae gie us
To see ourselves as others see us.

I looked at the aptly named slog blog a right wing generalist blog to get an outsiders view on Farage's UKIP. The author was writing on the recent opinion poll showing showing a majority of the UK population wish to leave the EU, how this was being ignored by the media and three main parties, and comparing their reaction to their response to immigration concerns of the wider population five years ago which was similar. Ignore it until it hits you in the ballot box.

The picture the author uses indicates his view on Farage and I reproduce it below with the author's caption.

...but 67% of voters deserve better than a loudmouth.
Hardly flattering but summarises the authors subsequent comments that I quote below.

'However, my point remains the one expressed here earlier this year: the leadership of UKIP reads, to be frank, like A Brief History of Numpties. I cannot possibly take an oaf like Nigel Farage seriously, nor the shifty Lord Pearson who blathered through his eyebrows all over our TV screens while Farage was busy fighting elections and crashing planes. The Party now faces an election for a new leader, but the choice of an interim leader labouring under the name Jeffery Titford does not bode well - and nor does the decision of Farage to stand again. This sort of Ruritanian stuff makes it far too easy for the Guardian, the Beeb and witless Cameroons to depict UKIP and its supporters as nitwits incapable of holding their own in a grown-up debate.'

That is how the real world views Farage and his Cabal and why UKIP needs a serious leader like Tim Congdon if we are ever to make progress on our withdrawlist cause.

I end with another quote from Robert Burns describing the end of Scotland's successful rebellion against the English and the establishment of Scotland as a sovereign nation,

'Now's the time and now's the hour
See approach proud Edward's power
Welcome to your glory bed
Or to victory'

Now is certainly the time for UKIP to change its rulers if we ever want to be a free nation again.

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