Friday, 17 September 2010

Farage's vote canvassing is an abuse of position

Earlier this week I wrote I expected the story of Farage and the members database to break soon. I had no tip off about this but from my experience of Farage on the NEC David, Del and I learned to anticipate his actions before he even knew himself. Its not difficult. Farage's self interest makes him very predictable.

There is a brilliant lady called Barboo who posts on Butcher's forum. I wish I had half Barboos intelligence. I cannot improve on what she writes so I can reproduce her post below in reply to Geoffrey Colliers point.


Let us modify 'abuse' to use of membership list, and let us make that use available to all candidates.


It should be, of course. There cannot be a level electoral playing field if canvassing only of personal contacts is allowed, when some candidates, through their position in UKIP, have acquired large numbers of contacts that were not available to others. Obviously, such a rule greatly advantages candidates who are MEPs, NEC or regional committee members.

Furthermore, the canvassing rules were introduced before the revision of the party constitution which now requires leadership candidates to pay into party funds a deposit equal to that payable in general elections, and forfeitable if the same percentage of vote required for return of GE deposits is not obtained. This makes the potential loss suffered by the disadvantaged candidates a financial one, not just the disappointment of failing to win the leadership. If UKIP wishes to model its leadership elections on British general elections, and so benefit from forfeited deposits, it should at least make its membership lists available to all candidates for canvassing, as voter registers are to all GE candidates.

As always Barboo's precision of thought defeats Farage's spinners on that forum who demand 'proof' of what is happening. Again I can only quote from Mr Richard Allen's reply to those people.


While I cannot produce evidence that a UKIP database was involved I can say that I have heard off a UKIP member whose integrity I consider beyond repute who tells me that he has received an unsolicited call from Nigel Farage asking for support in the leadership election.

Hear, hear! By now we have all heard stories of UKIP members receiving such unsolicited phone calls. It cannot be a pleasant experience.

Finally I can only quote what my friend and colleague Alan Wood wrote on the same thread.


... it needs the commitment of the new Party Leader of UKIP. As Nigel Farage, and his proxy Lord Pearson, has failed to make any realistic headway in Parliamentary elections for over a decade he should accept that he has had his opportunity and should step aside with good grace.

Absolutely spot on Alan. Farage has had his chance and botched it. Let him stand aside to give some one else a try before it is too late and we can never get out of the EU's tentacles.


Anonymous said...

UKIP is nothing without Farage. He works his **** for the party to actually mean something. It is so easy to criticize when you are no one....jealousy?

Eric Edmond said...

Farage does not want to get us out of the EU. He makes a very good living from the EU.

Even if he did he has not got the intelligence or political talent to achieve it.

look what Caroline Lucas has achieved for the Greens.

Its high time Farage moved aside and gave someone else a chance who does not depend on EU pay..

Why do you Farage supporters post anonymously. Are you ashamed to own up to supporting him?