Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Bannerman was right to complain about Farage going on Question Time

As I had to drive my wife to the airport early this morning I switched on my PC to find that, following Bannerman's complaint to the BBC that their QT invite to Farage was unfair to the other leadership candidates, the BBC withdrew their invite to Farage to appear. This has been greeted with scathing criticism of Bannerman's action from Nigel's Tory friends like Ian Dale and the sycophantic Bloggers for UKIP.

Dale is the Tories number one blogger and gives the game away that Farage is a Tory mole as was his friend Pearson and many others. Its not the BNP that are infiltrating UKIP its the EU loving Tories!

During the recent Labour and LibDem leadership contests the equally EU loving BBC was very careful to give all leadership candidates equal presence on Question Time. The BBC promote Farage on their programmes knowing full well his appearance does great dis-service to the leave the EU cause. Every intemperate rant by Farage against van Rumpoy or criticism of Archbishop Williams or ill judged support for Bankers plays right into the EU's hands. Fruit cakes and loonies will be the cry.

If Farage really cared about UKIP and getting out of the EU he should have declined the BBC invite himself and suggest either they invite the current UKIP leader Titford or wait until after Nov 5th to invite the new UKIP leader.

Bannerman was right to complain as it did give Farage a huge unfair advantage over the other leadership contenders. We had a similar situation in the South West during the MEP selection process with the RO Malcolm Wood organising speaking engagements for only one of the MEP slate candidates, Dartmouth. Alan Wood complained about this to his namesake and I supported him but of course nothing changed and Malcolm Wood is now employed by Dartmouth.

One should also ask why is UKIP in this mess. There is a two word answer, Nigel Farage! His ridiculous shenanigans in Buckingham, his stooge leader Pearson, his temporary leader Titford and now he wants to be leader again makes UKIP a laughing stock. To parody Bruce Forsyth, 'Didn't he do well' is what Nigel's Tory friends will be saying. Yes indeed, very well for the Tories! UKIP members should ponder on this before voting for more Farage farces.

I hold no brief for Bannerman but I do believe in fairness and equal opportunity. Tim and Gerard are the only leadership contenders that will deliver this return to British values. Farage has been too often to the EU Euro trough.

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