Wednesday, 13 October 2010

UKIP Hustings questions censoring continues at Peterborough

Junius reports that this practice continued at last nights UKIP husting. Questions had to be submitted to Peter Reeve a paid UKIP employee. His partner Lisa Duffy is also on the UKIP payroll. A large chunk of their household income would be at risk if Farage loses and the UKIP controlling regime changed.

You can guess what happened to any awkward questions about the widespread corruption that has flourished under Farage's leadership. Junius reports several UKIPPERS wanted to ask Farage and Bannerman about the lack of financial transparency within UKIP but never got the chance.

It makes it difficult to argue against LibLabCon and EU ignoring and inconvenient questions when UKIP does exactly the same. UKIP has got to clean up its act! Junius reports that the lack of financial probity within UKIP was a hot topic of conversation by attendees outside the formal, heavily controlled, proceedings.

It is reported Farage gave his usual arrogant performance. UKIPers have to waken up to the fact that they are voting for a leader who can organise the party in the UK not a Brussels play actor whose speciality is scoring own goals and providing an easy target for the EU Tories to label us fruit cakes and loonies.

The attendance was reported as around 100 which given it was a joint Eastern/East Midlands meeting is very poor. Junius reports UKIP's most useless MEP Clarke was not present. I well remember Clarke, who is an avid consumer of EU freebies, telling me at an NEC meeting hat he had no time to oppose the Lisbon Treaty as he was so busy with his EU committee work. Even John Whittaker remarked to Clarke that he was not elected to work for the EU but unfortunately Clarke either did not hear or ignored Whittaker's reproof and has continued to work diligently for his EU paymasters.

UKIP has to do as Tim wants and base its main effort and staff in the UK.

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