Thursday, 28 October 2010

Bloom joins Pan European Party

I copy below an email sent out by a Maltese lady, Sharon Bonici, naming Godfrey Bloom as a member of the pan European party of which she is chairman.

From: European Alliance For Freedom []
Sent: 26 October 2010 12:57
To: xxxxxxx
Subject: European Alliance For Freedom
Dear xxxxxxxxxxx,

 We are currently setting up
a new European Alliance and most members I spoke to who are joining or joined would really like to see you on board. I would like to set up a meeting with you to discuss and hope to get your interest in being part of this new poject. I will be in parliament today Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week and would appreciate if we can meet up at your convenience. We need to hand in all the paper work and signautres by the end of the week, so this is a bit urgent.

The Alliance will serve to build campaigns across Europe to promote various causes; For example one of the first campaings we can engage ourselves in is to generate 1 million signatures to be able to instigate a pan wide European referendum on Turkey. The idea is to use the million signature clause according to the Lisbon Treaty.

We can build a multilingual website for people to sign up and advertise it in every member state. This will automatically gives us a huge database of Eurosceptics and people across Europe with the same ideology. In time we need to campaign again on another issue we can engage these people on various campaigns and keep the Commission on their toes.

We will print research publication in various languages.

The Alliance will help parties dissiminate information by using European funds available to us, and if we don't apply the other Parties/Alliances such as the PES, EPP, Greens etc... will have the money which is allocated to us to share between them. Basically it is like giving ammunition to your enemy for free.

The Alliance can finance various campaigns in your country if you are members with billboards, TV adverts,newspaper adverts,leaflets etc...or any other campaigns you decide you want to do in your country.

The Alliance will not get involved politically in any country without the consent of its members.

You can join as a Party or as individual members of the European Parliament. We would like to have you as our Danish representitives on board and our aim is to have representation in every European country including those that are not EU members such as Iceland, Norway and Switzerland. We also hope that in the next European Elections we can become a strong voice in the European Parliament in 2014

So far we have the following confirmed -

1.Godfrey Bloom MEP - UK (UK- EFD)

2.Sweden Democrats - Sweden 20 MP's in the national parliament

3.BIW - Germany - 1 member in the regional parliament

4.Frank Van Hecke MEP- Belgium
   Philip Claeys MEP

5. Paksas Rolandas MEP (EFD)
    Imbraras Juozas MEP
 Still to confirm or be confirmed -

6. PVV - Nederlands

7.Provero Fiorello MEP - (Italy -EFD)
8.Paska Jaroslav  MEP- (Slovakia -EFD)

9.Fiorello Provera MEP -(Italy -EFD)
We do have other parties and members who are interested but at the moment we would like to take it step by step until we apply and everything is set with like minded people.

I thank you for your time and attention, should you wish for more info do not hesitiate to contact me by email or on Mobile: xxxxxxxxxx.

Hope to receive a positive reply and to have you on board this new venture.

Attached please find a copy of the statute and an application form. For the moment everything is provisional and subject to change in the first congress
if we are approved by parliament as a new Alliance.

Best Regards,
Sharon Ellul Bonici

The motion at the Torquay conference on this issue and overwhelmingly approved, stated explicitly UKIP MEPs should not join a Pan European party without a majority vote of the whole party membership to do so. Bloom's action shows the contempt he has for the views of the ordinary party members.

Worse, it is the same tactic as used by the LibLabCon establishment to deny the British people a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty where pledges were given and when they became inconvenient swept aside. UKIP cannot have it both ways. Either it stands for grass roots democracy or it does not. Farage's statement that UKIP is a bottom up party is shown as another falsehood.

I expect Farage will follow Bloom very soon into Ms Bonici's party. Only a vote for Tim can halt this huge confidence trick perpetrated by the Cabal on UKIP members. I quote Tim's comments on this development below.

Memo on an e-mail from Sharon Bonici to interested individuals (including UKIP MEPs) about a new pan-European party, to be called “the European Alliance

I have highlighted key passages of the e-mail in red.

Note that the e-mail refers to:
1.      The proposed new party, to be called “the European Alliance”, without clarifying whether – for example – existing Eurosceptic parties, such as the UK Independence Party, are to keep their present names in future elections.
2.      The alleged urgency of making a decision about participation in such a pan-European party. (To whom and what are the “paper work” to be handed in? The question is basic.)
3.      “European funds” being made “available to us”. (From whom are such funds coming? The European Parliament? Assume that the funds come from the European Parliament. Then – in the event that UKIP MEPs were to participate in “the European Alliance” – their activities would be funded by the European Parliament, an institution avowedly central to the project of European integration.)
4.      The possibility of the “consent” of party members, the meaning of which is (to me at least) unclear, but may intended as a fig-leaf to pacify those UKIP members who at the 2010 Torquay party conference voted overwhelmingly that the issue of pan-European parties must be decided by the party membership.
5.      Godfrey Bloom, as already confirming his wish to participate in the European Alliance project. (Mr. Bloom is said to be “EFD”, not “UKIP”. EFD stands, of course, for “Europe of Freedom and Democracy”, the existing pan-European grouping to which a majority of UKIP MEPs are attached.)
6.      A closing line, in which the European Parliament is acknowledged as having the power “to approve the new Alliance”. This is – almost certainly – the power to approve the Alliance, meaning the power to approve the Alliance in order to establish the Alliance’s eligibility for various monies from the European Parliament because it meets certain criteria of pan-European-ness.   

(These notes prepared by Tim Congdon on 27th October, 2010.)
Tim's last comment is spot on. Joining a pan European party is supporting the EU in its aim to become the new Fourth Reich. Our fathers fought and died to keep us out of the Third Reich. Let us stop our political class trampling on their graves.


Globalist Eurosceptic said...

Mr Congden is ill-informed.

The funds go to the Alliance, which is a eurosceptic alliance. The money is used according to the Board's decision. The board is made up of the Alliance's MEPs. UKIP is not a member organisation.

There is hardly any political difference between EP funding for a Group and EP funding for a European Party.

The only prerequisite is that the alliance abides by human rights standards. This alone guarantees funding.

This is an act of a desparate man. His assertions are ludicrous. It will all backfire on him and his cohorts.

Anti-Globalist Eurosceptic said...

That should read ANTI-globalist Eurosceptic of course.

Eric Edmond said...

Nigel Farage is the desperate man, desperate for Euros that is. If you join up to such a group you are signing up to support the EU cause.

Tim Congdon is not financially dependent on the EU. Nigel Farage is financially dependent on the EU. He who pays the piper calls the tune.