Wednesday, 27 October 2010

EU demand more money, no referendum, discussion of Natrass letter bannned on UKIP forum

The demand for a 6% increase in the EU budget has been  voted through by the MEPs.  I listened to the Radio5 clip with Nikki Sinclaire MEP and a Jean Lambert MEP of the Greens on the subject of this EU demand for a 6% budget increase. Ms Lambert talked non-stop about the need for such an increase to fulfil our Lisbon Treaty obligations particularly climate change about which she felt passionately. Poor old Nikki could hardly get a word in but contributed to her downfall by continually asking her opponent questions to which she of course she got more climate change waffle back. Nikki has to wise up as to how to handle this type of interview. She should rabbit on in turn about how many schools, hospitals and affordable housing units we could build in the UK with this money etc etc just like the Labour types do. At least that way you get your fair share of air time.

At PMQs Dave was also rowing back furiously from his referendum commitment on further powers to Brussels. The latest was the usual, it does not affect us argument and only the Eurozone countries will have their national budget subject to EU scrutiny and control. Oh dear, the boy is going to the same primrose path as every British PM has trodden to Brussels. Surely he can remember from his Eton days unpleasant experiences with a cricket stump. The French may not play cricket but they know which end of a politician to insert a cricket stump.

I was vastly amused to read that Denny and others have been banned from discussing the Natrass letter on the so called UKIP members forum. It is of course simply the Nigel Farage propaganda web site and in the true spirit of Lord Haw Haw should start Nigel calling, Nigel calling. Memo to NF, he is a Lord and must be signed up as a possible UKIP leader asap.


Anonymous said...

Could you give more details, please?

Otherwise, we'd have to count on this:

(My guess is you're referring to some amendment which UKIP favoured)

Eric Edmond said...

I took it off the democracy forum

On re-reading this may have been incorrect. I have therefore deleted the MEP voting part of blog as your link seems to indicate they voted against the motion.

Anonymous said...

'Never knowingly misleading' but misleading all the same.