Tuesday, 26 October 2010

EU tax plan puts Cameron in a bind and has Clegg over a barrel or does it?

Or as the DT p16 headline has it, '..would force Cameron to hold a referendum'! The EU plans to levy direct taxes on the UK would clearly amount to a 'transfer of sovereignty' and as such require a referendum. The Pole Lewandowski recent proposals on this be it VAT, Carbon, Aviation or Bank transaction levy would in his words 'touch on holy elements of national sovereignty'. Giving the EU powers to levy direct transaction would abolish the UK rebate of £3bn a year, tough when money is tight.

But that is only money. If Cameron were to concede a referendum his government would fall as the LibDems would never support it knowing the British people would vote overwhelmingly against such a proposal from the hated EU. Constitutionally it would be a confidence vote, the government would fall, there would be another General Election in which the LibDems would be wiped out and possibly Labour would win.

The great thing for those of us who want to leave the EU is that in such an election the EU would be the major issue!

Unfortunately Sarkozy, also on p 16 of today's DT, might save the ConLib's bacon. Sarkozy is so unpopular in France as evinced by the strikes that he will act as all politicians do when in trouble and blame some nasty foreigners and who better than Van Rumpoy's and Barroso's EU. Merkel will support Sarky as she also wishes to bury this latest EU tax grab. EU functionaries are ten a euro and can be bought, sold and traded like FIFA world cup votes. Van Runpoy and Barroso are dispensable. Napoleon and Frau Bismark are not. The future of the Franco Prussian empire depends on them!

Barroso and van Rumpoy will of course ditch the upstart Pole and row back from his proposals for the time being and Dave, Nick and ConLib will be saved as will Nigel's new found Euro million.

Also on p16 of the DT is the headline 'Border squads sent to repel Turk immigrants'. Now that is something all the EU except the UK can agree on. These are foreigners that can be kicked with the approval of Sarky and Merkel. Better it will it seems be done by an EU border squad operating in Greece so the EU crats will be happy! It reminds me of the good old days in the Weiss Rossil am Wolfgangsee.

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