Saturday, 23 October 2010

Hanaan now leads the anti-EU movement

I listened to Daniel Hanaan on Radio 4 this morning attacking HMG's decision to up their contribution to the EU by 7%. The Polish EU female representative & rapporteur presented this as a necessary consequence of the Lisbon Treaty, also rubber stamped by HMG , decision to set up an EU diplomatic service, Cathy Ashton is obviously a very high priced woman, plus the EU federal police. She also added in the costs of the three new financial regulators designed to shaft the City of London had also to be paid for.

Hanaan had a field day and expressed himself well and objectively. He clearly has Cameron worried. Dave is now reported as saying he will lead the fight against this proposed EU budget increase. That is a result that Farage with his personal abusive attack will never achieve. Clearly the BBC now regard Hanaan as the leader of the anti-EU movement and I agree with them.

There are 3 protected budgets in Osborne's review the NHS, Foreign Aid and the EU. All three, even the NHS, go to support a dictatorial over paid bureaucracy with little money percolating to the front line.

Tim can match Hanaan for intellect but not presentation but he is still a better option as UKIP leader than the vacuous abusive Farage.


Nikki Sinclaire MEP said...

THe problem with Hannon is that he talks agood game but does precious little else. He dosn't put his money where his mouth is and as for working on the ground - forget it!

Eric Edmond said...

I agree Nikki. He is a Tory after all and his future depends on keeping the Tory hierarchy onside!

He has moved in to fill the vacuum left by Farage's silly rants and personal attacks but he will increasingly become the anti-EU voice of reason on the BBC because Farage is now so irrational.