Wednesday, 6 October 2010

UKIP hustings questions still censored by Farage Cabal

Reports reach me that the careful stage management of candidates question time by the Cabal continues. The whole process is in control of Farage placepersons whose income and future prospects depend on  Farage staying as UKIP leader and ensuring we stay in the EU and the Euros continue to flow into the Cabal's bank accounts. It is clearly a process biased very much in favour of Farage and designed to suppress embarassing questions from the floor i.e. ordinary UKIP members.

Farage is still being given prior warning of any 'awkward' questions that other candidates clearly do not receive. It all reminds me of student politics at which our recent PM G Brown was so good. The results will be the same, poor leadership, cooruption and failure. Thus it will be with UKIP if Farage is relected leader.

There are many questions that Farage in particular should be required to answer to clarify his many misleading statements over the years.

Where are the details of his expenses that he has claimed on numerous occasions are available for all to see on the Internet except no one has ever been able to find them?

Why is his stooge Pearson who as leader advocated UKIPers voting Tory and UKIP candidates standing down in favour of Tories stiil part of his core team?

Why does he still employ his wife who seems to do nothing for UKIP at a lucrative salary despite the expenses scandal?

Why did he take UKIP into the EFD group of neo-Nazi racists all of whom support the EU and see it as the new Fourth Reich? How does this help us to get out of the EU? We were lucky to escape from the Third Reich's clutches!

There is a huge number of such Farage statements which he should have now to answer for. Further his claims to have large donors lined up is ludicrous. Any one who in the past gave money to Farage's UKIP has seen no return on it and will not part with any more to Farage.

Winston MacKenzie is there as a token with Farage signing his papers. He is not a credible candidate and I expect he will soon stand down in favour of Farage and receive some future preferment if farage wins.

Bannerman just wants a political career. He will do and say anything to this end. He depends on the EU for his living. His spats over policy with Farage are designed to split the Farage vote.

Tim Congdon is the only candidate who clearly believes in the UKIP out of the EU cause and who crucially takes no money from the EU and does not want to be an MEP unlike Arnott, Nuttall etc. He is by far the ablest intellectually of the candidates and the only one able to hold his own with Dave, Red Ed and Clegg.

Tim is the only one with a clear management structure and strategy for getting us out of the EU. He is the only one who can guarantee the finances for his plan. He is the only one embracing a collegiate approach and is effectively running a joint campaign with Gerard Batten whose talents are complimentary to Tim's.

Its a no-brainer. Vote Tim or see UKIP go into the trash can of history. 


Henry IX said...

Hi Deadmond!!!

Been meaning to sign up to your site to have a laugh at so much of the rubbish that you write...

From what you say, presumably you see DBC as your useful idiot if he is just there to split the NF vote?? However, how does that fit in with his aim to 'just have a political career'? Surely he's playing with fire - incurring Farage's wrath??!!

Eric Edmond said...

Indeed he is running that risk if he is genuine. I possibly have the advantage over you in that I had to work with Bannerman and know what he is.

Henry IX said...

I don't understand you're remark about having an advantage over me? I'm just pointing out that what you've said - as is all too often the case - makes no sense! You've contradicted yourself, as you admit!

That is the problem, i think. Your emotions have got the better of you and you are just desperate to chuck as much sh1t around in the hope that finally some of it will stick!