Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Vote Tim/Gerard to rectify EUKIP's democratic deficit

Dominic Lawson wrote a piece at the weekend on the controlling anti-democratic dictation style of the Eurocrats summing it up by,

"To an extraordinary extent, the movement towards economic and political union developed without the explicit consent of the peoples within its ambit. This democratic deficit is at least part of the reason there is a serious risk of rioting in the capitals of Europe, as measures to cut national deficits are accompanied by a political shrugging of shoulders and pointing in the direction of Brussels".

In UKIP we have the same control freakery going on with the Farage Cabal. Don't say Nigel has achieved nothing in Brussels. He has learned how EU control works and imposed it on UKIP!

As the EU controls its subject races through bribery and financial inducements to the local chiefs, a trick they learned from the Roman Empire, so the Farage Cabal controls UKIP through financial inducements and promises of preferment to their placemen and hangers on. It has now become the EU writ small.

Were the membership voting to get into bed with neo-Nazi's like Liga Nord when they voted for Farage and his stooge Pearson as leader last time? I think not especially given many of the older members of UKIP fought against the Nazis in WWII. Did the members ever get a vote on whether their MEPs should go to Brussels? Not that I can find.

In Europe the workers are now rebelling against the savage austerity cuts imposed on them to keep the great EU project from a catastrophic crash Strikes in France, strikes in Greece etc show where things are going. The only buyer of Greek bonds other than Trichet's ECB are the Chinese. Now I wonder why they are buying this crap. They must have an inscrutable political reason.

It is high time for the members of UKIP to rebel against the Cabal's yoke and get democracy back in UKIP by voting for the |Tim/Gerard ticket. The members have been fooled, used and abused for too long.

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