Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Farage, the Establishment's favourite fantasist! Euro on the ropes.

I make no apology for returning to my theme of yesterday. Nigel Farage is simply an establishment puppet. As someone else wrote,UKIP are not the defenders of British independence and democracy, they are just the stooges and as Lenin said, useful idiots, of the LibLabCon. A safe, neutralising cul de sac where voters can vent their spleen assured of doing no damage whatsoever to our ruling political class or corrupt political system. That is why NF is always given an easy ride by the media especially the BBC and now the Telegraph. That is why he appears 'good' on TV. He gets patsy interviewers who have not done their homework. I think someone should open a voting thread on Butcher's forum on Nigel's favourite porkies and phrases. I vote for the cigarette paper.

Nigel Farage is a fantasist who desperately wants to be a media celeb with his own chat show, a bit like Robert Kilroy Silk was. He was sounding out Andrew Neil on air in Spring 09 pre expenses scandal on this tack. A N gave him the bums rush! NF lacks RKS's brains and talent but as long as he is useful to the Establishment he has a good chance of securing such a TV spot and then who knows he could be on Strictly in a year or two with all these scantily clad female dancers! Wow, there would be no need for Latvian pole dancers then.

Nothing I can see from NF on the serious Eurozone financial problems. Right now the Eurozone is split with conflicting self interests everywhere you look. You could not think of a better scenario for UKIP to make progress. But it has not and will not because Nigel is only interested in Nigel's media career. Ah well that's what the UKIP members voted for so I guess they don't really want out of the EU either.

I listened to the World Tonight on Radio4 yestreen and clearly the Paddies are bitterly resenting being told what to do by the Germans who have recently invaded Dublin after all its only 90 years since they got rid of the Brits. Ah well if you sign up to the Fourth Reich then learn to say Ja Wohl mein Fuerher when asked.

As for the poor old Brits as always we will be asked to pick up our share of the Eurozone tab estimated at £7 bn. Phrases like responsibility without power spring to mind like a Latvian dancer on her pole.

I remember listening to the Dean of the Liverpool Law Faculty answering a question on why he never went abroad. His answer was he did not like abroad and then added you know they don't play cricket there! Well I am off with Mrs E. to Oz for 18 days. She to sail our yacht round the Barrier reef and the Coral Sea and me to try and get a ticket for the Brisbane Test to escape my crewing duties - fat chance! I hope England win. It's time they duffed up the cocky arrogant 'Strines.


I just watched the Daily Politics, guest NF. It was well structured by Andrew Neil, now a closet Europhobe, who gave NF a series of open goals and NF duely put the ball in the net. His only problem came with Neil's female assistant Anita who after a report from Staffs, Steve Povey et al, asked NF why the 5 UKIP councillors hardly mentioned UKIP and all behaved as if they were independents. NF of course had no answer yo that one but I have noticed NF does not impress intelligent well informed ladies like Anita ad before her Jenny Scott. Anita nailed Farage on the Pearson disaster as well.

The truth is there has been a huge amount of unseen door step hard work done in Staffs. Nigel does not do that. The TV studios and bars of Brussels are more to his taste but the Staffs approach is the only way we can get out of the EU.

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Farage Educational Trust (Isle of Man branch) said...

Anita nailed Farage??? !!!

Ahem! Not the best choice of words for a sentence involving Farage, perhaps. I'm tempted to say I'm sure he enjoyed it.....