Monday, 6 December 2010

Back from Oz to find Farage's begging letter on the doormat

I returned from my sailing and cricket watching trip to Oz to find as I had earlier predicted this unwelcome begging letter from Mr Farage awaiting me. As you see I have replied in the Freepost envelope provided saying I will consider his request when he and all other UKIP MEPs  publish a dated itemised list of their own personal donations to UKIP. I also pointed out I did not put my trust in him. I voted for Tim Congdon.

I remember at the leadership hustings Mr Farage boasted that he would secure funds from large donors he knew. If so why does he need to beg from the UKIP members many of whom are pensioners living on fixed incomes?

I note that in my absence things in Euroland are proceeding along the easily predictable path I have opined on to the inevitable hardship for the ordinary working people of Europe. Our political masters. including Mr Farage, will of course not be expected to share the pain of the ordinary people.

The full financial consequences consequences of the ill advised decision to sign the Lisbon treaty are now becoming obvious to all. We have no say in the Eurozone decisions but have of course to pay our share of the bail out to the profligate Greeks and Irish. Portugal will be next and of course the EU bailout cannot work without currency devaluation for these countries. EU crats led by, Barroso and van Rumpoy cannot allow this as it would be a public admission of the failure of their flagship Euro policy but this will inevitably put them on a collision course with EU national leaders seeking re-election, a process the 'crats are spared from!

Self interest rules OK!

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