Tuesday, 7 December 2010

No taxation without representation!

This was the cry of the rebellious American colonists in their revolutionary struggle against their political master, the British Empire. It should be our rallying cry as well!

Yesterday's DT business notes Mr King's, the BoE governor's, concerns that when the developing Greek Debt crisis was being discussed at The Ecofin meeting the UK our so called representative, Badger Darling, was well, invited to leave. However when the Greek bail out plan was announced we were not asked to leave but to contribute many billions of Euros to the EU rescue fund in addition to the large contribution we had to make  to the IMF component as well!

To quote Rudyard Kipling,

'Its Tommy this and Tommy that and Tommy go away,
but its Mr flippin Atkins when the band begins to play'

Who is to be our George Washington? Who is to be our Benjamin Franklin? Well not Nigel Farage and his sordid crew. They are all on the EU payroll. I can't recollect George Washington taking money from the British Empire. Nigel Farage is not made of the stuff to take us out of the EU. Benedict Arnold is possibly a more apt comparison. Someone who takes the Empires money and is on a promise. he thinks, of preferment to the red leather of our useless House of Lords, there to sit with such other extinct revolutionary firebrands as the Kinnocks, John Prescott etc. 

Now the same scenario has been played out in Ireland where we are forced by the Lisbon Treaty to hand over another double whamy of dosh to a country which has been a haven to terrorists who have murdered thousands of innocent British men, women and children in my lifetime along with many British soldiers who in all truth were sent as in Afghanistan today into a war zone in which they were just sitting targets for terrorists.

And what are UKIP's leaders doing to publicise this grotesque injustice? Well nothing. Just getting in another round of drinks in Murphy's bar in Brussels. Nothing changes at the top of UKIP.


Junius said...

Ray Finch has been exposed as Skeptyk. The ISP matches both his Skeptyk site and a private email sent in Finch's own name.

Anonymous said...

Surely if you people are Eurosceptics, you could be furthering this cause independently regardless of your personal feelings or experiences with UKIP - but to trash UKIP in the media every day is not helping us get out of this wretched EU.

You simply cast suspicion on all political parties by doing this and the voters just give up and stop going to the polls.

Why not join the English Democrats or have they hurt your feelings too?

Eric Edmond said...

Junius, thx for this. Do you have any background on Ray Finch? I have never knowingly met him.

Re Anon Farage and his crew are simply establishment poodles blocking those who really could be effective in getting us out.