Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Austerity is not enough

Tempting as it is to write of Nikki's just employment tribunal result against Farage's UKIP and Bloom I will stick to my theme inspired by the last words of Edith Cavell, a British nurse shot in Brussels by the Germans during the 1914-18 war, 'Patriotism is not enough'. It is not but its better than Farage's UKIP and their neo-Nazi allies in the EFD can manage! UKIP's subservient bunch of self seeking wannabees comprising the NEC who endorse the great leaders every mad whim may soon find out the meaning of the legal phrase jointly and severally liable.

The huge doses of austerity meeted out to the PIGS will also not be enough. The PIGS need hope and growth to inspire their people with hope of better times and that can only come from the devaluation of their currency to stimulate economic growth. The power crazed EU rulers can never allow this. It would show to all the world their grand project is a catastrophic failure. Many good and brave men have died and are still perishing today in Afghanistan for the vanity and career of politicians who cannot admit they were wrong. Those who trade financial markets and have to pay for their mistakes are very quick to correct their errors. Only those using other peoples money either politicians or autocratic heads of huge corporations can afford to ignore facts.

Things in the Eurozone will go from bad to worse. Ireland was a successful economy before it joined the Euro. Greece was and is a corrupt basket case. The only way out is to recognise the Euro has failed, go back to national currencies and elected politicians responsible to their own people. Barroso, Rumpy and Frumpy  and their ilk can never accept they have been wrong. As in Russia of 1917 blood shed in the streets will have to come in many EU countries before real change can happen.

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