Friday, 24 December 2010

UKIP's management needs a shake up

The history of UKIP is littered with the costs of ignoring simple administrative proceedures particularly where financial matters are involved. The latest cock up or sin of omission if you prefer is UKIP's failure to lodge any defence to Nikki Sinclaire's sexual discrimination case. We should find out on the 29th how much this will cost UKIP. I also hope it will cost Farage and Bloom personally as it might concentrate their minds a little more on these matters in the future.

Alan Wood who resigned from UKIP a year ago sent me a very funny email re the UKIP website:

"No sign of the Nikki Sinclaire situation on the UKIP website!
But the contact at UKIP Devizes in the South West Region under UKIP Local is ..........ME!
What a shower this UKIP are! After resigning over one year ago the website is still pretending that UKIP Devizes exists!" 
One wonders how many other UKIP zombie branches there are? Wiltshire was a strong UKIP area with one of the few UKIP district councillors but that is all in the past. Never mind UKIP does not need Indians only chiefs!

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