Wednesday, 29 December 2010

UKIP, British Politics boiler room scam

Boiler room scams mainly originate from Nigeria where a fictitious Mr Odinga Odinga claiming to be an official of a Nigerian bank tells a tale of a huge unclaimed sum of money in one of his deceased client's accounts which Mr O seeks your help and bank account in draining this money to your mutual advantage. The story varies but the bottom line is send details of you bank account to Mr O-O  and you will be well rewarded.

Many people are taken in by this fairy story and email Mr O details of their bank account but receive a reply that Mr O has hit a small snag but it can be resolved if you send Mr O a small facilitation fee. Many do but then Mr O tells them a further sob story which again can be resolved by sending him another larger sum and so it goes on until the mark's bank account is empty in some cases to the tune of £20000 plus!

The psychologically interesting part is many of these marks still believe in Mr O's story even after they have paid him huge sums. They cannot admit to themselves that their original decision was wrong as it is so destructive to their amour propre. Its more soothing to the ego to go on paying!

Thus it now is with UKIP. There is by now abundant evidence that the Farage's UKIP has no strategy or plan to get us out of the EU and indeed I would opine has no intention of  getting us out. Farage and his Cabal do very well out of the EU largesse, indeed they enjoy salaries and a lifestyle they could not possibly aspire to without the EU.

I admit that I was impressed by Mr Farage the first time I heard him speak at Dorchester and joined UKIP as a result. Then I heard him again and was much less impressed. When I finally met him I saw through him in about 30 seconds and as a rational former trader cut my losses immediately and was kicked off my elected position on the UKIP NEC. As a trader you cannot afford to back losers and you have to admit when your decisions were wrong if you want to succeed. This is very uncommon behaviour with the irrational public at large which is why Mr Farage got over 50% of the vote from ordinary UKIP members.

Any rational person taking an objective look at Mr Farage's actions and comparing them with his words can see what Nigel Farage is. This argument is predicated on the word rational. People do not make rational decisions about politicians and are therefore easily duped by our political class. UKIP members are probably no worse in this respect than tribal members of the ConLibLab parties. UKIP members however think they are different. They are deluding themselves and will simply continue to keep Mr Farage and his cronies in the very nice, EU funded, Brussels life style they enjoy so much.

Getting us out of the EU requires UK based and UK funded political action by patriots who are not paid by the EU.

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Anonymous said...

Here here. However, I fancy your words will, unfortunately, fall on deaf ears. There is no sitting UKIP MEP that I can see who hasn't gone native. Mercedes cars, rich lifestyles et al rule the day while they sell their souls. We only have ourselves to blame, we let this bunch of smug self satisfied individuals con us.

The Monger