Thursday, 30 December 2010

We have to keep the bastards honest to get out of the EU

The Australians than a campaign with the above slogan. It has a lot to recommend it. The only way out of the EU is to repeal the 1972 European Act in the UK parliament. That is a very tough ask as it will be opposed by the LibDems, Labour and a fair chunk of the Tory political class who want on the EU unelected and very lucrative gravy train.

Every politician I have known hates elections. They get in the way of their well rewarded comfortable life. The prospect of losing their seat is all they care about but what is the point of voting out one set of  parasites to replace it with a similar but hungry one? We have to find a way to keep the pressure on our so called elected representatives to honour and keep their election pledges.

We have already seen how easily Lib Lab Con slipped out of their pledge to hold a referendum on the EU constitutional Lisbon Treaty. Our young people have just suffered the LibDems ditching their University fee pledge for personal wealth for their leaders. It is the antithesis of democracy and will I hope lead to the destruction of the LibDems. This must be a good thing for UKIP as it removes a rabidly Europhile party holding the balance of power in parliament and makes it a straight Con Lab choice with UKIP having then some pressure on an unpopular Tory party.

To be effective UKIP has to start at the grass roots in the UK with local elections. UKIP must win seats with good candidates who can then show they can perform well as Councillors. I was very struck with a vox pop done in Stoke when LibLabCon were petrified the voters were going to vote in a BNP mayor. At that stage the BNP had 5 councillors and several of the electorate remarked on camera that they had done a good job for the community they represented. That is the path UKIP must tread but we do need good honest competent candidates prepared to work their socks off here in the UK. We can therefore forget anyone associated with the Farage Brussels cabal.

The Oldham ad |Saddleworth by- election will be illuminating. The candidates according to the local rag are as follows:

Abrahams, Debbie – Labour Party
Adam, Derek George – British National Party
Ali, Kashif – Conservative Party
Allen, Peter Duncan – Green Party
Bishop, David Laurence – Bus Pass Elvis Party
Brick, The Flying – Official Monster Raving Loony Party
Kaye, Loz – Pirate Party of the UK
Morris, Stephen – English Democrats
Nuttl,l Paul Andrew – UK Independence Party
Watkins, Elwyn – Liberal Democrats

Note that Nick |Griffin is not standing for the BNP but UKIP have put up Brussels based Nuttall. Let us see how the electors vote. Will they choose UKIP or the BNP? How badly will the LinDem vote collapse? The current bookies odds are 1000 to 1 against UKIP and the BNP. Fair odds for both parties would be 1000000 to 1 in my book! It should be interesting but I will view it from the top of the Eiger, God willing!

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