Sunday, 2 January 2011

There is still hope to get out of the EU

Several former UKIPers have asked me what do we do now to try and get out of the EU given Farage's UKIP is doing nothing on this front only blocking those who do want to try and save out country. That is why the BBC establishment promote Farage's UKIP to the detriment of other anti-EU movements. The Beeb, the Tories and the rest of the establishment feel secure and comfortable with Farage running UKIP. They know he poses no threat to the EU but there is always hope and often it comes from unexpected quarters.

Today's Sunday Telegraph reports that there is a Tory rebellion looming in Parliament on Cameron's useless EU bill with its hollow promises of a referendum on future power transfers to Brussels. Its a story we have heard many times before so why might it be different this time? Well the Tories are in coalition with the rabidly Europhile LibDems and are deeply unhappy about having to vote in favour of other half baked LibDem policies like AV. There are also many ambitious young Tories on the bank benches seeing LibDems occupying government jobs which should by rights be theirs. In short they are not happy bunnies.

The other area of hope is the slow motion Eurozone crash. The Euro always contained within it the seeds of its own destruction and now the huge refinancing needed by the PIGS is bringing things to a head. As Jane Daley writes also in the Sunday Telegraph today the Eurozone will not collapse just slowly disintegrate in a manage manner served with huge doses of fudge, deceit and duplicity by the EU and UK political class.  But it will happen. Economic pressures cannot be gainsayed forever. It may be our Stalingrad that halts the so far monotonic increasing expansion of Brussel's powers.

But what of the Coalition? Oldham and Saddleworth will return a Labour MP and a collapse in the LibDem vote. But what effect will this have on the Tories. I opine they will do the electoral calculation that with a LibDem collapse they will win big in the South, enough to compensate for Labour wins in the North in a 2011 General Election. Cameron does not have the election weapon at his disposal himself but his troops do! We live in interesting times.

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