Sunday, 19 December 2010

Smug Farage is now part of the media political establishment

I switched on Sky News this morning to watch the clips of the cricket and catch up on the latest snow havoc to find Mr Farage looking very smug on with Charlie Kennedy, Tessa Jowell and David Davies on Adam Boulton's politics programme. I did not find anything Mr Farage said advanced UKIP's anti-EU position with the Sky News public. Worse what he said merely aligned UKIP with the David Davies view that the collapse of the Euro would be bad for the UK as the Eurozone was our biggest market!

In his position I would have been advancing the argument that the ejection of Sterling from the EMS in 1992 was crucial in saving the UK economy from rising unemployment and other disasters and that the same release of economic energy would follow the collapse of the Eurozone and the Euro. Nigel Farage did not advance this argument and seemed very comfortable to acquiesce with the consensus views of those around him none of whom could now be called front rank politicians and all of whom are on the TV media circuit.

I found it all a huge wasted opportunity. UKIP has battled to escape the one issue party label. If Farage continues to grab all the TV media opportunities to promote himself then the one man band is a fair comment on UKIP which increasingly looks more like a Nigel Farage cult than a political party.

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