Friday, 17 December 2010

They don't like a Liverpool scally in Oldham

I read Mr Nuttall is to be the UKIP candidate in the Oldham and Saddleworth by-election on 13 Jan 2011. I note also Mr Griffin is contesting the seat for the BNP. I hope we are not in for another cheap publicity stunt with Nuttall leaving the returning officer's result announcement as Griffin is there. Behaving properly with people you may dislike is an integral part of our democracy. Manners makyth man as William of Wykeham said.

UKIP contesting this by-election is a stupid waste of effort and money. They will be swamped by the bigger parties who will pour people and money into the election which of course Labour will easily win.  I suspect it is driven by the BNP deciding to stand but its much more natural BNP territory with a big immigrant population resented by the indigenous natives. I understand UKIP do not want to run any risk of being seen to have a tacit electoral pact with the BNP but they should have chosen a local candidate. Nuttall is a Liverpool scally with a strong scouse accent, a group that is detested East of the M6 in Lancashire. Ask any Man Utd supporter what do you call a scouser in a suit?

The good result for UKIP will be the EU obsessed LibDems will be rightly trashed and will then be entirely in Cameron's power. Its what they deserve after their disgraceful reneging on their very public pledges to the students. Diane Abbott got it dead right on This Week last night when she said Clegg will never fight another General Election for the LibDems and will be found some lucrative EU job.

On the same programme Portillo clearly shares my view that the Euro problems and its impact on domestic UK politics will be the big issue in 2011. I think it could well precipitate a general election next year. Yesterday's Brussels farce is yet more hot air and no action or as they say in Liverpool, all fur coat and no knickers. The markets will go on trashing the Euro until they see real action backed by real cash by the EU.

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