Thursday, 16 December 2010

Why do British officials and elected represenatives not fight for British interests?

It is depressing to read in today's DT that we will be required to pay up to £16bn to fund future euro bail outs under article 122 of the Lisbon Treaty. That's the treaty that was described by our Europhile political elite as a mere tidying up exercise involving no transfer of power. The Brits thought article 122 would only be used to fund bail outs for natural disasters not financial incompetence. If they believed this why does our government simply refuse to pay?

Extending the scope of laws and regulation from what was presented to the gullible public is a trick British politicians like to use as well. Remember the poor old man who heckled Jack Straw at the Labour conference only to be threatened, as have many other honest citizens, with prosecution under anti-terrorist legislation. Then of course there was the one sided US extradition treaty. We were told it was to be used to extradite terrorists but it seems to have been a one way street used by the US to try law abiding British businessmen.

Then there is the current European Arrest Warrant fiasco currently being used to hound Mr Assange for blatantly political reasons and now playing in the British High Court. Pushed through by the idiot Lib Dem MEP Watson on claims it was needed to combat international drug dealing criminals and yes, yet again international terrorists. Whatever Mr Assange is he is neither a drug dealer or a terrorist and has never been found guilty of a criminal offence.

I am sure our officials were well aware of the expansionary potential of such agreements to pastures green and new and would have informed their political masters of the dangers. The truth is the UK political elite, elected and unelected, simply did not want to hear. I had a similar experience in the Bank of England re financial risk. So the good old British public will just have to cough up yet again.

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