Friday, 25 March 2011

Dave always can find funds for his EU friends.

That is the message to all card carrying Tories. The EU have asked Dave for £3bn to £4bn to bail out Portugal. Dave purses his lips, looks serious, and agrees. This comes at a time when his Chancellor, Boy George, has just delivered a budget saying there is no more money for pensioners, students, schools and hospitals but of course the EU is exempt from such financial stringency. Money has to be found for Johnny Foreigner even those outside the EU in the £5bn + foreign aid budget. I would not be at all surprise to find out some of this even went to Libya! We are broke so why not let charity begin at home.

Meanwhile Dave and Nick like the EU move to ever closer union in their effort to morph into Tony Blair. I predict the Lib Dum vote will collapse in the locals on 5th May and Millibean, the North London intellectual, will sweep to victory in town hall after town hall. Such is our democracy.

From the numerous sordid flashing adverts that now infest Tony Butcher's Democracy Forum web site I conclude TB must be seeking alternative revenue streams. Put this alongside with the domination of the UKIP area by brain dead Faragistas it now resembles increasingly the Daily Star on a bad day.

Portugal will be bailed out next week with your money. Next up Spain home of UKIP MEP and Farage protege Andreasen.

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