Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Portugal government may collapse before EU summit

Thus reported Reuters today. The PIGS are falling like dominoes as economic reality bites and produces political unrest on the streets and in domestic parliaments, even that of the chief Eurocrat Barroso. Its gratifying to have one's predictions come to pass! Only the S for Spain is now left. If that goes so does the Euro and the EU as we know it.

I spent last week driving around West France. I visited La Rochelle scene of the post St Bartholomew's eve massacre Huguenot Protestants fight against their Catholic neighbours attempt to ethnically cleanse them. Many Huguenots fled to London where they made a huge contribution to the English economy.

I was quite appalled at some of the comments written by the usual Farage sycophants about the late Geoffrey Kingscott and the very much alive Greg Lance Watkins whose cancer has re-emerged. Both strongly supported the anti-EU movement and the nasty things written by the Farage sickos about Watkins, a very ill man tells everything you need to know about the Farage Cabal.

I gather someone asked why I no longer post on Anthony Butcher's forum. Simple, Mr Butcher was afraid to apply his own rules on personal abuse to the Farage sycophants who now dominate what was once, but is no longer, a decent debating platform.

I have been amused to receive a number of emails from the prententiously entitled, Mr. Robert H. Brown - PPC for UKIP NW Cambs. When I pointed out to him the McTroughian error of his ways he then wrote as Mr. Robert H. Brown - Chairman of UKIP NW Cambs. He clearly has swallowed the Farage myth hook line and sinker. He would do better to listen to those who personally know what Farage is. NF boldly goes only where the TV cameras are!

But as long as UKIP is full of chairman like Mr Brown NF can carry on boozing in Brussels and turn up for his Uncle Tom Eurosceptic spot on QT. The BBC know every NF appearance on QT boosts their Europhile cause by Farage polishing UKIP's fruit cake and loony image.

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Greg_L-W. said...


your financial commentary, which I regularly read, aside: Thank YOU for your kind words regarding the return of my really rather irritating cancer.

At the moment I feel a bit like Spike Milligan 'I told you I wasn't well' but as you say - as yet I am VERY much alive and determined to route out the cancer within UKIP leadership and its vile parasites as - just at the moment - it is our only potential lifeboat.

I do fear it is irreparably damaged by the detritus and ordure it carries for a crew and it is standing in the way of the a moral, ethical, honest group emerging to act as leaders of stature not self serving ner do wells like UKIP - a body which can redeem these United Kingdoms.

I was interested to see the self serving antics of Mr. Baroso & the EU charlatans have taken his personal student Communism to the extreme and bankrupted his own Country.

Do his ancestors know shame?

The Portugese Government fell with the resignation to the President at about 21:00hrs. 23-Mar-2011

Spain NEXT - there are no fudges left in The EU ammunition locker, only lies.