Monday, 7 March 2011

Farage's limitations exposed in BBC interview at Scarborough

I recommend watching this heavily edited version of the interview Farage gave to the BBC's Mike Sergeant at Scarborough.  Click on interview. to see it. Farage's assertion that the deficit is less important than the EU control of our country would play well with the UKIP faithful, about 5% of the UK electorate at best,  but sounds crass and out of touch to other 95%! Many of Farage's more inane remarks seem to have been taken out. So its obvious that the BBC know that as long as he continues to lead UKIP the LibLabCon EU fanatics having nothing to worry about and hence the friendly editing of a dire interview.

Farage's lack of economic knowledge was cruelly exposed. He clearly does not understand the difference between the deficit and the National Debt. He misses the crucial point on economic growth something that politicians of all other parties emphasise because the electorate rightly identifies economic growth with more jobs and consequently less unemployment. That is what wins votes from ordinary people and until UKIP gets a leadership that recognises this it will never win a UK parliamentary seat.

Bannerman made this point in his leadership bid. Farage does not do policy! That is why UKIP can never advance while he is leader.  Following this revelation that the Emperor has no clothes I fear Mr Bannerman's days as a UKIP MEP are numbered. He better start smooching his former Tory buddies for a job. Nigel never forgets!

It was not a difficult interview to handle. I found Sergeant's pre and post Pearson question to Farage, i.e. what's different this time round, entertaining. Farage had no idea how to answer. Unveiling the swivel eyed Marty Feldman look alike as chief policy wonk was another shot in both feet on a Pearsonesque scale.

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