Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Is UKIP insolvent?

For some time I have heard rumours from a number of different sources indicating UKIP may now be insolvent. So, if the worst happens, who pays the ferrymen as the Greeks used to say. The current treasurer has only been recently appointed and there have been a number of others in recent memory. Who is liable for UKIP's debts? I am glad I am no longer on the NEC. If it were an ordinary trading company then the directors are liable if they allow their company to continue trading knowing it to be insolvent.

In my time UKIP had no properly constituted board of directors and no minutes were kept of crucial meetings. I found it to be  run more like a cult than a political party. While on the NEC I never saw a proper set of accounts or financial projections. It's a can of worms. I guess we will all soon know the truth. As Abraham Lincoln said, 'You can't fool all of the people all of the time'.  Cherchez le common factor as the French say.

Perhaps UKIP's MEPs will donate a substantial chunk of their lavish salaries to party funds to reassure the party employees in Lexdrun House. Or perhaps the wealthier MEPs only will donate more. I am sure the BBC and other Europhile sympathisers would, if approached discreetly, happily contribute to UKIP party funds. It is clearly in the EU interest to keep the toothless UKIP going rather than risk it may be replaced by a proper opposition with real talent.

There also seems to be significant outstanding litigation involving UKIP. It hardly engenders confidence in UKIP's future. This may force the formation of a new party. I opine it may be called the EDF party and will be funded and run by the EU in Brussels. Thus may perish the UK Euro sceptic cause.


Anonymous said...

Why not take a lead from the Americans - obviously the Tea Party per se would be inappropriate but how about the Saloon Bar or golf Club/Nineteenth Hole party? It would fit pretty well.

Eric Edmond said...

Yes, I think that will be the next hope of us Eurosceptics.