Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Lions led by duplicitous donkeys

The title is borrowed from the wholesale slaughter in the World War I trenches of our PBI volunteers led by the most stupid and incompetent Generals ever seen. It was responsible for the destruction of the fabric of the Victorian/Edwardian volunteer society. Dave's big society you might say. The troops were all volunteers and as brave as they come but they were sacrificed by some of the worst leadership seen in a Western country until Farage's EUKIP appeared on the scene.

Tomorrow, Thursday 5th May, over 1000 fine, brave, honest UKIP footsoldiers will go over the top in the district council elections and 99% plus will be slaughtered. They will have been let down by their leaders who prefer the fleshpots of Brussels to the political front line and the hard pounding of electoral warfare. UKIP has no clear goals and no strategy to achieve these goals at the local grass roots level from whence all political success springs. A clear lack of any leadership whatsoever.

Alan Wood, one of the few UKIP district councillors ever elected, acknowledges the help he got on how to run a campaign from a former Lib Dem agent and a Tory policy document entitled, 'How to win local elections'. Where is UKIP's document? Where is UKIP's local election campaign expert? Not in the UK that's for sure. They are all in Brussels licking Nigel's bum to try and get an MEP spot in 2014.

And what of the Farage vote AV campaign? His idiotic promotion and support of the 18year old Leicester mayoral? His pro-smoking stance? His pro-grammar school rhetoric? Vote losers every one and irrelevant to our cause of leaving the EU.

I have been out of the UK these last 8 days and discovered that I cannot get BBC TV in Europe. I could get Radio 4 so I listened to Any Questions with a panel of Farage, the German born Gisella Stuart, the repulsive Huhne and the guy who worked in the next door office to me in the Bank of England, Matthew Hancock. It was a dream scenario for Farage with questions on the Wills Kate wedding which was of course universally applauded, super injunctions something which might by useful to Mr F in the future despite he, and all the other candidates saying they could never afford one, and the rapidly sinking AV voting system that Mr F espouses.

I put the strident Farage third behind Gisella who was clearly the best and most attractive and Matthew whose intellectual superiority over Farage shone through. Only the dreadful Huhne who was trying to defend the indefensible did worse than our Nigel. The bottom line however is that local elections are won on the doorsteps of Britain not in the studios of the elitist Radio 4 chaired by that close friend of Prince Charles, J Dimblebore, which only massages Farage's ego and achieves little else.

Tomorrow I will go down to support our local 12 or so UKIP candidates at the South Somerset count. They are all good honest able people whom I would love to see win but as far as General Farage is concerned there are always more where they came from the next time round in 2015. Just expendable cannon fodder while Nigel stays safe and snug in his Brussels bunker awaiting his next BBC sinecure appearance

Realistically the best I can hope for is to see the LibDems lose a stack of seats, a fitting reward for their duplicity.


John Page said...

Tomorrow I will go down to support our local 12 or so UKIP candidates at the South Somerset count.


They are propping up a dug in cabal which will continue to stop UKIP ever becoming a proper party.

Eric Edmond said...

John, I hear what you say but I know and like most of these people so its out of my personal regard for them I will go. I am a bit soft centred and accept your position is the logical one.


John Page said...

I understand that but why do they stick with UKIP?

Farage must be delighted that they and people like you aren't trying to set up a rival.

John Page said...

As Richard North writes

In Scotland though, the SNP is ripping both Labour and the libdims apart, which goes to show that, when there is a credible electoral alternative to the lib-lab-con, people will go for it. That says a great deal for UKIP in England, which under the tutelage of Farage has long ceased to be a credible alternative, and will continue to be as long as he squanders every opportunity (and most of the money) he gets.

Eric Edmond said...

Yes John I agree re SNP. I will write today's blog on this when I get time.