Saturday, 7 May 2011

Why the SNP wins and Farage's EUKIP sinks into obscurity.

I stood for UKIP in the last 2007 district council elections. I was one of only two candidates in South Somerset. From memory I got about 11% of the vote, not brilliant but at least it gave the 100+ people who wanted to vote UKIP a candidate to vote for. If asked I would have stood again this time but of Farage and his lickspittle NEC had indicated they would have veto my candidature. So when I went to the polling station to cast my vote I found there was no UKIP candidate on the ballot paper. That is the true measure of Farage's appaling spiteful leadership and I am sure it has been repeated up and down the country.

You can't get UKIP counsellors elected by disbarring UKIP members from standing as candidates! Can someone please explain this to Farage.

Consider the difference with the SNP. Alex Salmond is in my opinion the ablest politician in the UK but his greatest talent is in attracting good people to work at all levels in the SNP for their cause. From Alex downwards they work tirelessly in SCOTLAND for their cause. Look at the quality and experience of the people around Alex. Look at the variety of talented SNP spokesmen who are put up on Question Time etc. What do you get from UKIP? Farage, Farage and yet more of Farage. Its a one man band with only one tune and the latest disastrous UKIP election results show the UK public are not interested in listening to it any more.

Cameron will be very wary of taking on Alex, Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP! Dave won't lose any sleep over Farage and his bunch of third rate ex Tory failures.

Now look at the sordid talentless cabal around Farage running UKIP. Why are they there? Well anyone of any talent is perceived by Farage as a threat. They suffer from a torrent of anonymous untrue smears and either walk away or get kicked out on trumped up charges. The aim of all younger members of the cabal is to get on the EU gravy train and indeed many of them are already paid by EU funds. And where do these young lions work? Why in Brussels of course learning from the leader the best pubs, restaurants etc. The way to the top in UKIP is to agree with and flatter Farage as much as possible. The simple fact that UK electors live in the UK is secondary to these self seeking people.

I wish Alex S well for the next 5 years. He has fought for his party's cause and does not make excuses or blame the fptp electoral system. Unlike Farage he did not get entangled in the pointless, damaging AV referendum. It was irrelevant to the SNP electoral battle as it was to UKIP's. Supporting AV identified UKIP with the LibDems. A political own goal. UKIP's problem is they have a leader who cannot put his party's cause first and last. UKIP's cause is always a poor third to Farage's next media appearance and indulgence.


david abbott said...

According to John Kelly the pro AV stance was Farage's, it was not ukip policy.
I suspect that there are few successful political parties where the leader (and only spokesman) have one policy and the rank and file and at least one of the two representatives in parliament have exactly the opposite policy.

Eric Edmond said...

I always thought it was EUKIP c'est moi according to Farage. John Kelly is a long standing Faragista who was the SW region less than brilliant press officer.

Any of the Cabal enemies esposing non-UKIP policy in a public place would of course be expelled.


Edward Spalton said...

A bit late but I hope this catches up.
Having a Scottish wife and family on both sides of the border, I am very sorry that Mr. Salmond does not have more effective opposition. On the other hand, if I lived in Scotland and looked at the euroslime in Westminster, I might find a viable alternative attractive- on the basis that it could hardly be worse.

The difference, it seems to me, is that Mr. Salmond believes in something. The other main parties believe in nothing in particular except their entitlement to office and a man who believes in something will always beat a man who believes in nothing. I too have remarked on the quality of the SNP ministers, compared to the dregs of Westminster. (I am sometimes invited to post on a Scottish nationalist blog!).

Of course, the huge contradiction lying at the heart of the SNP is their devotion to the EU. An "independent" Scotland would still be an EU province and Salmond has shown his devotion to the supranationalist mindset by his demonic devotion to wind turbines which will never be adequate for a developed economy. On the other hand, he may just be counting the bawbees that will flow into Scotland from England under the iniquitous "feed in" tariffs which pay two or three times the retail price for electricity from "renewables".

Regionalisation, devolution and the break-up of national states which are based on more than a single ethnicity were all a German policy from the Twenties and an EU policy from the Fifties. Probably unwittingly, English, Scottish and Welsh nationalists are "useful idiots" for the EU project - for people who certainly do not have the interests of any of the inhabitants of these islands at heart.