Thursday, 28 July 2011

UKIP's Janus

I copy below an email that ended up by mistake in my in box. The originating address was :;

I kept an open mind for a long time moving from moderately opposed to moderately in favour on the basis of the arguments in Independence News and the one hustings I attended.
Leaving to one side the personalities, with generally loyalists in favour and historical trouble makers on the other side, I found the case in favour better argued, not to say a lot less hysterical. Also the pro side is not threatening resignation as some of the others are doing.
More recently I have been taking note of what is happening on the Continent and am becoming convinced that there is a bigger game afoot over there and we have to help it. The sheer hubris of the Eurocrats is such that they may be underestimating the possibility of an official international opposition which Nigel is well qualified to lead.
That now finally puts me firmly into the yes camp.
Feel free to quote as you wish.

Guess who is Malcolm? Dead right Malcolm Wood, W Legge's minder and employee presumably paid on EU funds so hardly an objective opinion. Malcolm Wood is also a long time crony and supporter of N Farage so despite his pretence he is not entirely unbiased in these matters. 
Nor was he unbiased when SW RO and prior to the SW MEP selection votes was helping organise meetings at the larger SW branches for the belted Earl to speak at. There were 9 other candidates on the SW slate but I know of none other than the son of Raine, grandson of the pink vision Barbara Cartland, invited to speak at these intimate soirees. And just look where our esteemed former SW RO  Mr Wood now earns a crust to cushion his retirement
For the extra bonus point you have to guess who is Dear John and post the answer on my blog.

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