Monday, 1 August 2011

Why the BBC and UK papers go easy on Farage racist political allies

I received an email last week from Andrew Edwards which raises this issue. An issue I have written on and which Del Young and I have been discussing on and off for the last 4 years. I reproduce Mr Edwards email below.

"Anti-immigration ally of Silvio Berlusconi says Breivik had 'some excellent ideas' - Daily Mail

Ex-Berlusconi minister defends Anders Behring Breivik - The Guardian

Norway killer Anders Behring Breivik emailed 'manifesto' to 250 British contacts -The Telegraph

Three headlines, three references to the related comments from Lega Nord MEP's, Mario Borghezio and Francesco Speroni. 
Yet not one mention, anywhere, of the fact that Nigel Farage MEP leader of UKIP is formally allied to these men within the EFD group of Europarl.

Why, it's almost as if there's a conspiracy to protect Farage???  Here in the UK this man speaks out against the politics of the BNP, yet in Brussels he and his cronies happily sit alongside people who make the BNP look positively liberal!

Yet not a peep from your newspapers.  WHY???

Farage has issued a damage limitation statement calling for the Italian MEP's to apologise, but rather than asking them to apologise like good little boys, why isn't he informing them that he's breaking his formal alliance with the Lega Nord?

The reason of course is obvious - it would cost Farage money!

But why is the media aiding and abetting his ability to keep his current level of EU benefits
? "

Mr Andrews rightly points to money as being Farage's motivation in this but why do the media not mention Farage's close links with these Italian racists?

The explanation in three letters is BNP, the favourite bogey man of our liberal elite and a designation Farage freely applies to those who oppose him in UKIP. To report Farage's links and financial symbiotic relations with Liga Nord would make it clear that UKIP's EU allies are not just as racist as the BNP but are considerably worse!

Think back to how often Farage has appeared on high profile BBC TV political programmes like Question Time.shows. Is it because of his intelligence, wit or political perception? Does he compare with other controversial QT non-mainstream figures like George Galloway, David Starkey, Melanie Philips, Simon Heffer, Peter Hitchen etc or of course the man whom Farage wants to be TV show and all Robert Kilroy Silk? Obviously not. Farage does not appoach the intelligence, verbal skill or political courage of the aforementioned. Do you think he could have gone into a US Senate committee kangaroo court like Galloway and win? So why is he  on QT more often than most cabinet ministers?

The BBC charter requires it to give some airtime to minority parties including the right wing. The BBC is a left wing liberal elitist organisation. So how can they fulfil their mandate and further their political objectives. Easy! In the words of David Cameron portray UKIP as a group of Fruit Cakes and loonies and who better to do that than UKIP's  leader N Farage who can always be relied upon to burnish that image with a bit of help from QT chairman and ex Bullingdon member Dimbledore. Farage smirks and thinks he is a great man and has done awfully well. Dimbledore smirks and knows the truth

There is another right wing UK political party with MEPs called the BNP.  The BNP worry the BBC. They did invite their leader Griffin onto QT just the once before a London audience in which the North London Jewish community seemed to be very well represented. The choice of that locale and audience gives away the BBC agenda and fears. They could have put this on in Lancashire, the region Griffin is an MEP for, in a town like Blackburn, fellow Griffin QT panellist Jack Straw's constituency, or Bolton or across the Pennines in Huddersfield or Bradford with an audience containing many Muslims to boo and hiss Griifin but they instead chose London and the North London Jewish community to hurl abuse at Griffin. All they achieved was to offend the British sense of fair play and make the TV home audience feel a bit sorrow for Griffin.

The BBC hates the  North of England, knows little of its culture and despises those who live there. Look at how many of their staff have refused to relocate to Salford! Much safer to stay in London. Does anyone know how many Jews work for the BBC and how many Muslims? For such a politically correct organisation as the BBC do not we, the licence payers, not have a right to know?

Farage suits the BBC agenda very well. He has in the words of the Civil Service mandarins been house trained or in le Carre spy terms been turned. The BBC has what Farage craves so he can be manipulated and controlled here in the UK by the political elite as easily as he is manipulated and controlled by the Eurocrats in Brussels.

That Mr Edwards is why the media will continue to 'protect' Farage. He is their tame, house trained right wing pussy cat. But if Farage is indentified in the UK media with the racist views of his EU Liga Nord allies then he is immediately exposed and the BBC etc have to start all over again finding and house training a more acceptable right wing face to maintain its pretence of 'balance'.


Anonymous said...

The MEP has been suspended quitely rightly of course so your whole article is pointless.

Anonymous said...

PS, what is wrong with the lega nord?
They seem to be quite sensible on Islam.
If Northern Italy ever become independent, I might start learning Italian - it could be a great place to live - and my wife isn't white!

John Page said...

The press don't mention Farage in these items because he is a political pimple.

Greg_L-W. said...


it is unsurprising I guess to note howmany extremists and political idiots hide their cowardly comments behind anonymity.

I do believe that both Eric Edmond and Andrew Edwards hugely overestimate the relevance of UKIP under the control of Farage.

There is no one of ANY caliber left in the ordure that is UKIP - the only question is how high can it be stacked for their poppinjay to strut and crow from!

The media have been aware of this for some time and perhaps someone - ANYONE - can direct me to an article of any gravitas regarding UKIP in ANY media.

The media paid scant attention to the theft of a Blackberry by Farage's 'friend' and publicist Annabelle Fuller when even she admitted her behaviour was alcohol induced.

Meanwhile UKIP's press officer achieves the sum total of nothing of consequence merely reprinting gossip 'e'mails of the serial copulations of EU Oaficialdumb surprisingly for a change neither he nor Farage nor even the serial slut was mentioned!

The meeja ignore UKIP as they are of absolutely no political relevance and are a part of the problem with no part in the solution when it comes to leaving the EU - OUR-ENEMY-WITHIN!


Eric Edmond said...


I agree with your comments on those who hide behind anonymity to post their drivel

In part I agree with you that Farage's EUKIP is an irrelevance but it does huge damage to the leave the EU movement by blocking the development of a decent, in all senses of the word, party that would make a serious attempt to get us out of the EU. That is why the EU loving media give Farage and his cronies an easy ride.

Best wishes for your cancer treatment.

Greg_L-W. said...


firstly thanks for the cancer support - all seems to be going well I've had chemo and now 20 hits of radio therapy and sideffects have been all but nil.

Gull details for those interested or with friends or relations with cancer can be found on my Health Blog at:
I hope it is of help to some - giving hope and encouragement as I first presented with one of the big killers Kidney cancer 13 years ago and I'm still here.

Any questions, any chat, any help I can give anyone is welcome to call me.


Greg_L-W. said...


secondly and of far more general interest - indeed EUkip in its present state is far more damaging to Britain and our efforts to leave The EU - Leaderless and rudderless with no vision, no plan, no strategy, no training, no tactics and no gravitas EUkip is clearly more a part of the problem than a part of the solution.

Now we see EUkip's latest efforts for the EU in bringing the EUroRealist movement into disrepute is to actively campaign at leadership level with a few self serving proven liars to con UKIP members into helping the EU destroy National Political Parties by joining PEPPs for which the leadership will receive generous unaccountable bribes.

Details of the arguments on both sides of this scam can be found with the rules, links and risks at:

Then we have the fact that UKIP has all too willingly joined with racist advocates of murder who even went so far as to praise Anders Breivik the deranged Norwegian spree killer.
First Farage said he would suspend UKIP membership if no apology was forthcoming and none has been but Farage has shifted his sordid position to keep his snout in the trough - See:

Then we see Farage leading UKIP as The Judas Goat to help The EU discredit EUroSceptics and in support of pro EU Labour policies and the pro EU anti British Unions - for details see:
Just enter >Judas Goat< in the right sidebar search box when the site opens and follow the links!

Clearly UKIP has achieved little for Britain over the last 18 years - so little the British public will not trust them with votes and even in seats they choose they only get 2-8% of the vote - with the possible exception of The Mare of Ramsey who was ridden into office in a Town with less than 10,000 population as Town Councillor by her current boyfriend! Funded with tax payer's money fraudulently obtained by Stuart Agnew MEP & David Bannerman MEP as admitted by Stuart Agnew on film!

What a shower and with less than 30 elected officials out of 19,500 available seats after 18 years!

If only there was an honest and decent political party that decent folk could vote for which supported the interests of these United Kingdoms.


Anonymous said...

"Greg_L-W. said...


it is unsurprising I guess to note howmany extremists and political idiots hide their cowardly comments behind anonymity."
Were you in a coma in 1989? This is not a country where you can openly critisice Islam. I have a nice house and a nice job. My wife is from a country without Muslims but I don't plan on emmigrating there in the near future. I like the UK.

I looked at your links and found this funny bit :-
"Calderoli was not even an MEP, yet in 2006 his party was expelled from the Ind/Dem following his provocative comments and TV appearance wearing a T-shirt bearing a copy of one of the Danish Muslim cartoons. "
Why can't people wear Tshirts insulting a man who persecuted non Muslims? Are you Guardian readers?