Monday, 8 August 2011

Local LibDems notice Nigel's nasty EDF associates

First I must apologise to those who received spam emails purporting  to come from me. I did not originate these. My email account was hacked into about 5 days ago whilst I was in France and my email address book stolen. I did not think I was worth hacking but obviously someone does.

The interesting thing was the responses I received from those who received this obvious spam. Most people realised my email account had been hacked and replied warning me about this. The dyed in the wool Farage supporters in the South West however reacted differently. Jeff Mager who asked me to remove his name from my address book  but Jon Kelly's reply is so priceless I reproduce it below:

Are you crazy?
Why are you sending me this shit?
Didn't you know Piers Merchant is dead?
John Kelly

Mr Kelly shows the true intelligence and talent required of a loyal Faragista.
More seriously on my return I glanced at the reader's letters page of our local weekly Western Gazette to see a letter from a local Lib Dem District Councillor, Jon Gleeson asking how UKIP MEP William Legge, aka the Earl of Dartmouth, can sit in the EFD group with Mario Borgheze the Italian MEP who admires the ideas of Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivek. Mr Gleeson writes,
"I invite Mr Dartmouth to use this opportunity to leave the EFD group or to reply to this letter justifying his defence of Mr Borghezio, otherwise it is quite clear the Italian MEP's remarks can be painted with the same brush as UKIP"
I look forward to reading the reply from the son of Raine but I must point out to Mr Gleeson that Mr Legge, a Faragista who is  Mr Kelly's equal in all respects   was only following the UKIP party leader's orders. 
I am sure Clegg over will be raising this Legge over matter with N Farage when the time is ripe and not in the letter pages of the West Gaz but in the national media.

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