Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Farage's Pan European Panzers invade Eastbourne

Captain Mannering and CS Foyle where are you now? Your country needs you to defend it on your home patch.  Dover for the continent, Eastbourne for the incontinent as Geoffrey Collier said to me recently, to which I now add Eastbourne for the deluded EU reformists and placemen.

One look at the list of invited EU reformist speakers and Farage Youth makes clear Nigel Farage's intends to press on at all costs with his Pan European UKIP party despite the vote against it at conference last year and its recent two to one a party wide referendum. Money always trumps principle for Mr Farage. Its a clear EU bribe to sabotage UKIP's core purpose and policy. Does Mr Farage care? Of course not. Its money that counts and can be counted. As St Paul  wrote 'The love of money is the root of all evil'.

Farage appointee and placeman Chairman Crowther says, "I'm particularly pleased that we have guests coming from Finland, France, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Croatia and Iceland.". Look at the list of named speakers for conference, exclude Farage and Farage supporting MEPs  Batten, Bloom and Nuttall and   five clear groups emerge as dominant.

First the motley group of 4 mid-European EU reformists to help NF's Pan European party

Second some dodgy ex-media types.

Third the usual quota of ex or failed Tories. Neil Hamilton the disgraced and defeated former Tory stands out

Fourth around six representatives of nutty special interest groups to help the UKIP fruit case and loonie image.

Fifth, and the largest, a group of early twenties students from the Farage youth wing whom  a Google search shows as Farage sycophants clearly seeking to get on the Brussels gravy train.

This list redefines the word stellar as used by Crowther to describe the speakers in the UKIP blurb. Dross might be a better description.

Under represented to the point of invisibility are the ordinary UKIP chairman and members who have got the party its electoral success by their hard work in the last two European elections.

Its the last group that worries me most. A group of young impressionable youth from lesser universities and educational institutions clearly owing allegiance to the leader and seeking preferment in Brussels from the great leader. Now what group in the 1930s does that description fit?

In the true EU tradition which EUKIP has adopted Farage simply intends to ignore the two to one vote of the members against turning UKIP into a Pan European party. He will press on and my guess is force it through the NEC which his placemen dominate as party policy. Even the recently much abused Mr Denny may have to toe the line or suffer yet more abuse. What times we live in

For those disconnected from UKIP I give the complete Farage support cast below

Friday morning, September 9

  • UKIP Councillors & Strategy for 2015
  • Neil Hamilton, Sunday Express columnist
  • Patrick O'Flynn, Daily Express chief political commentator
  • Barry Madlener MEP, Dutch Freedom Party
  • Timo Soini MP, Leader, True Finns Party
  • Nigel Farage MEP
Friday afternoon
  • Nicolas Dupont-Aignan MP, French DLR Party
  • Prof Tim Congdon, Dr Peter Mach and Godfrey Bloom
  • Jon Gaunt, CEO, EU Referendum Campaign
  • Gerard Batten MEP
  • Alex Singleton, former Daily Telegraph leader-writer
  • Paul Doyle on Defence
  • Michael Heaver on Education
  • Robert Elliott on Long Term Care
  • Andrew Charalambous on Housing
  • Eddie Bone, CEP
  • Paul Nuttall and Tim Aker (Policy Review)
Saturday morning, September 10
  • John Tennant, European Parliament
  • Harry Aldridge, YI Chairman
  • Tom Booker, Steve Fowler and Sean Howlett (YI)
  • James Moyies on Branch Revival
  • David Coburn and London 2012 Team
  • Steven Woolfe, City of London Campaign
  • Bill Etheridge, Campaign Against Political Correctness
  • Inez Ward, Justice for Licensees Campaign
  • Joe Rukin, Anti-HS2 Campaign
  • Ben Pile, Fighting the Turbines Campaign

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