Sunday, 4 September 2011

UKIP should follow Scottish Tories and disband

Today's Sunday Telegraph story on the above quoting the Scottish Tories likely new leader, Murdo Fraser was the best example of political leadership I can remember. Mr Fraser has looked at the Tory performance in Scotland and come to the rational conclusion supported by the evidence that North of the border the Tories are finished and has the courage to act on his beliefs. I quote from the ST below.

Murdo Fraser, who is favourite to become leader of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party, will announce that he plans to wind up the party if he wins a ballot of members next month.
He would follow disbanding the party by launching a new Right-of-centre party that would contest all Scottish elections — council, Scottish Parliament and Westminster.
Mr Fraser, a member of the Scottish Parliament, believes the Conservatives have become a “toxic brand” in Scotland since losing all 11 of their Commons seats in the 1997 Labour landslide.

UKIP needs to do the same and recognise its total electoral failure in the only elections that can lead to the UK leaving the EU, the Westminster elections! UKIP is currently the problem in making progress on this core issue and is not and never can be even part of the solution.

Its name in the blogosphere  of EUKIP is well merited. Its leadership has been bribed by EU money and flattery into Brussels based EU supporters and much, much worse blocking the development of a real leave the EU party in the UK. It is irretrievably dominated by the same old toxic Tories, Pearson, Gill, Farage etc that the Scots Tory leader elect recognises as an insurmountable barrier to winning MPs in Scotland. And look at UKIP's latest recruit and star conference speaker, Neil Hamilton! A man who pre-dates the recent expenses with cash for questions, hospitality freebies etc  long before duck houses became fashionable and Tory sleaze helped win the election for Blair.

Tim Congdon, one of the leaders in the No vote campaign against Farage's pan Europe party is also down to speak at the UKIP conference sharing a platform with Bloom who is alleged already to have signed up to a Pan Europe party and a Czech EU reformist called Mach whom I have never heard of. Tim's political compass needs looking at. If he wants out of the EU he should keep well away from these EU, mid European apologists.

UKIP can rid itself of these toxic, unreconstructed old Tories  only by disbanding and immediately reforming as broad based centrist anti EU party ie a party that could win Westminster seats like the Greens. This is the best and only contribution EUKIP can make to getting us out of the EU. The people are there to do it. Nikki Sinclaire, Mike Natrass, Trevor Colman and John Bufton. UKIP's NEC is simply a Farage rubber stamp group of mushrooms. Kept in the dark and fed plenty of shit. Batten is politically spineless against Farage and Andreasen is the Monet dream made flesh.

It is down to those 4 MEPs to show some leadership. What have they to lose? Farage will never allow them to go on any UKIP MEP slate again. That is of course the real reason Bannerman jumped ship to the Tories. It had nothing to do with his profound admiration of  EU phile boy Dave. As soon as he stood against Farage for the leadership he was toast. He knew that as does anyone who knows Farage. Look at what has happened to the others who have stood against Farage in leadership contests.

Its a pity Tim Congdon lacks a political sense. As one ministers PPS once said to me that its like a sixth sense and if you don't have it you will never succeed in politics. Del Young has it big time. That is why he had to be marginalised and got rid off. Tim would be better off taking Del's advice than Batten's or Steve Allison. Both think they will be allowed onto the UKIP MEP slate in 2014. Knowing Farage, if he is still leader, I would not bet on either Batten or Allison appearing higher than 10, if at all, on any regional MEP slate. 


Greg_L-W. said...


you seem to imply that there is something worth saving in EUkip.

Mike Nattrass, Trevor Colman and Nikki Sinclaire have effectively left EUkip and its corruption behind them.

If you consider the only way to clean-up the party is to dissolve it and reform it immediately - how do YOU believe that this would ensure the removal of the corrupt leadership when quite clearly the members have voted clearly against them and even now it is likely Farage will use the conference to re-sell PEPPs with a back me or sack me gamble, without winning that he personally is of course finished.

The membership have voted resolutely against him and the liars he has gathered around him to support PEPPs on two very clear occasions.

The members also voted resolutely against his AV proposition and his Local Elections were catastrophic.

Politically poor old Tim but Dim lacks the required abilities to lead, Stuart Wheeler has shown he is happy to collude in corruption and has the judgement skills sufficient to have gambled and made a fortune which he has proceeded to loos by £Millions ever since.

Just look at how he behaves and the calliber of people he funds and even in UKIP he knows the NEC are untrustworthy and irrelevant so he ignores them.

EUkip has made itself apparent as no more than a Judas Goat, a claque of Plastic EUroSceptics who are unable to show a single solitary actual achievement that has placed these United Kingdoms closer to Leave-The-EU.

To be fair they have trousered a great deal of money, have helped The EU gain a great deal of credibility and have set out to sabotage numerous initiatives being more interested in their wealth creation, self interest and ensuring they do not upset the cart that delivers their apples.

Who would be worth saving when their ship sinks with their top 100 on.

Please - just a few names would be worth considering for I know of none.

EUkip has for some time now been very much a part of the problem with no place in the solution.

Clearly I have been for many years and still am a resolute supporter of UKIP but clearly I will NOT tolerate corruption and deceit of any kind and I consider the befouled EUkip to be irredeemable - I regret.


Greg_L-W. said...


Eric you commented on some utterly unknown EU politician speaking at EUkip's conference.

This shows the extent to which EUkip has bought into The EU project as frankly what Finland, Estonia, Germany, Libya, Germany, Afghanistan or Greece chooses as its method of Governance is absolutely no business of ours.

Please note that Nikki Sinclaire's You Gov poll clearly showed that 53% of the peoples of these United Kingdoms will, when given the opportunity, vote to Leave-The-EU yet only 30% would vote to remain which is quite incredible minded just howmany aliens have been flooded into Britain to try to tip the balance.

It is interesting also to note that EUkip's extremist partners in The EU list at least 2 who openly or obliquely gave support to Anders Brevick and today I note Mario Borghezio is still a member of the group for all Farage's huff and puff, as is Francesco Speroni see:
suspended for the summer holidays one must assume yet featuring over a week into the new parliament!

Will they be speakers to ensure enough utterly irrelevant foreigners speak to qualify for the EU bribes that will pay for the conference and much of the ancilliary costs.

I note also John Gaunt will be attending though his EU Referendum site has not been updated for an age and like Dan Hannan & Glendenning and the othert Judas Goat's approved Conservative site they have been shown up by the dedication of Nikki Sinclare's 100K+ signature petition - despite the many efforts of Farage, Bloom, Pearson and others to sabotage her efforst and aid The EU and Tories thereby.

Clearly EUkip is no part of the solution with the likes of The Fraudster and abuser Stuart Agnew, The Liar and fraudster Derek Clark and the concatenation of low lifes and liars on the NEC how could EUkip ever be a part of the solution?

EUkip represents no values I would wish to call British.

Indeed EUkip is corrupt and corrupting OUR-ENEMY-WITHIN


Eric Edmond said...

Thx Greg. I wrote I wanted a new centre ground party formed immediately. That is the sort of party that wins MP and gets rid of old Tories. I would hope one of the 4 MEPs I named would stand as interim leader and that it would attract back people like Richard Suchorzewski and Robin Page.

Tim Congdon although a clever and able man lacks the essential political sixth sense that warns one of possible dangers. He should never have agreed to speak on the same platform as Bloom, the patron saint of Brussels plant pots and some unknown dodgy mid-European. It will be used against him in future.

Of the well known economists of recent years only J K Galbraith and Alan Walters passed the political test. Galbraith was anathema to the UK economics establishment including Mervyn King. I took pleasure a propos a Greenspan Jackson Hole speech in which he referred to the Great Depression that MAK should read JKG's book with that title published many years ago.

I do not believe there is a coherent subject called economics but there is one called Political Economics of which Adam Smith was first proponent. and Professor.

Steve Allison said...

Hi Eric, I see you are persisting in your view that I am expecting to become an MEP in 2014! If you honestly think that what I am doing and saying within UKIP is in any way endearing me to Nigel then you must live on a different planet. You are so far off the mark with your claims about my motivation that it makes me question the credibility of any interpretation you place on anything!

Eric Edmond said...

Steve, I accept your statement that you have no interest in becoming an MEP. I presume this means you would not accept a one or two spot nomination even if offered. Am I correct in this assumption?

I would urge you to reconsider your position as you would be a considerable improvement on Clarke, Nuttall, Bloom, Legge and Agnew to name but all NF's hard core pro EU MEPs still standing.

You must know by now that the NEC's only function is to rubber stamp NF's decisions and attack those NF deems his enemies.

Look at what has happened to poor Mr Denny when he tried to find out about Farage's latest expensive juvenile fund raisers Aldridge and Heaver. I quote Mr Denny from today's Junius blog,

"I have received considerable resistance to my querying this issue including the minor irritation of a highly vitriolic personal attack from a certain lady NEC member.

Stewart Wheeler has refused to discuss the issue with me on the grounds it is wasting his UKIP time, and Steve Crowther has offered explanations which do not satisfy me. With further correspondence with him I have recieved his final say which is that he is worn out by my "churlish and aggressive" attitude. "

Denny must be getting warm to merit this treatment that he used to dish out himself to David, Del and me with such Farage pleasing enthusiasm.

Please tell me Aldridge and Heaver don't want to be MEPs either!

Remember the golden rule, 'Don't ask about the money' and vote for anything Nigel wants and you will be allowed to serve on the NEC as long as you want. Let Mr Denny's fate be a warning to you.

I do not understand what is in it for you except long journeys from the North East for boring meetings that can be cancelled whilst you are in transit as used to happen to David and me. I like people to have a motive for their actions that I can believe. Then I can give the correct weight to what they say.

Steve Allison said...

Eric, it's quite simple what's in it for me. I believe that the UK needs to get out of the EU and that at the moment the only chance we have of achieving that is through UKIP. It is too late to form a new party, the shear inertia in British Politics means it takes decades to establish even a marginal presence. I know that UKIP is not perfect but I will endure the long journeys from the North East for boring meetings if I can at least try to nudge UKIP along the path I think it should be following. I also know that I'm beating my head against a brick wall. UKIP now provides a very comfortable living for the inner circle and they are protecting their jobs and careers but it also has lots of dedicated, hard-working people who give because they, like me, believe in the cause. If I have to accept some leaches as part of the price for getting my country back for my children, then I'll pay it. I know I'm tarred with the "paid employee" brush from my time as Campaigns Manager, but even when I was doing that job I was paid half what the current top staff receive and I was always a "self employed contractor" so UKIP didn't pay NI, pension or expenses for me. Some months I actually paid out MORE than UKIP paid me. A fact my wife would be happy to confirm. As regards becoming an MEP. The route to becoming an MEP is controlled by Nigel and I am one of the last people he would want to see in Brussels. If by some mischance I was to end up there then I would probably find myself in the same position as Nikki, Trevor and Mike. I doubt I could do a DCB as the Tories wouldn't have me and the Labour Party definitely wouldn't take me back! I'll keep on fighting but accept that Don Quixote was probably more likely to win his fight than I am! So, that's what's in it for me! Of course I don't expect you to believe me! That's up to you. I know I have a clear conscience so that's all that really matters to me. I will walk away from UKIP when my wife tells me its time to do so, she has been very patient with my involvement and puts up with a lot. I did laugh however when I was being slagged off over the PEP Ballot by Junius as I was a Faragist and there to ensure the "right" result. For some reason I don't appear to be having my integrity questioned over the PEP ballot result now? So maybe Junius and his ilk may feel they owe me an apology over that one! I won't hold my breath!

Eric Edmond said...


I accept and agree with virtually everything you say. When I was bitterly and unjustly attacked by Duffy at the NEC and accused of having a hidden agenda I gave the same answer as you do now, "I have only ever had one agenda and that is to get our country out of the EU in my lifetime so I can leave my children the country our parents left to us"

Like you I have been a net contributor to UKIP. Unlike you I have never been a member of any political party other than UKIP. My experience of UK politics was at the real power centre of the Civil Service during 72/73 when we were dragooned into the Common Market on a false prospectus.

I admire you for the effort and skill you have put into campaigns. You and Alan Wood were the two best local campaigners I met in UKIP.

UKIP cannot fulfil even a tiny fraction of our aspirations whilst Farage and his placemen remain in control. If UKIP has to go to rid ourselves of Farage and his nasty EU fascist allies then that is not just a price worth paying but a price we have to pay to save our country for our children.


John Page said...

Of course UKIP should disband. That's been obvious for years. But will Farage and the Chancers give up their livelihoods? Of course not.

Steve Allison said...

John (Page), sorry but I cannot agree with you about UKIP disbanding. It is too late to start again. What UKIP needs to do, in my opinion, is to re-target itself at the UK domestic agenda. We have won the EU argument and will probably do very well in 2014 despite anything we do. However, the 2015 General Election will be another crushing disappointment. Vote in Euro elections do not get us seats in Westminster.

John Page said...

We have won the EU argument

Oh yes I see evidence of that all about me.

That's just a stupid lie.

John Page said...

Off topic I can't be bothered with this

but you may be interested.

Steve Allison said...

Ok, I'm a stupid liar! Not much point in continuing with this exchange really is there. Why do you feel that insulting me adds to the debate. All you have convinced me of, again, is not to waste my time on things like this.

John Page said...

Ok, I'm a stupid liar!

Not what I said. I said you had told a stupid lie.

The lie was stupid because there's no evidence for it, and mountains of evidence against it.

Your lie had no plausibility at all. So it was a stupid lie to tell.

Eric Edmond said...


One slight problem I have re your MEP non-ambition is that last time like the MEP status craving Andreasen your name appeared on two regional UKIP MEP slates. Care to explain your change of position?


Steve Allison said...

As a "stupid person" who "tells stupid lies" I doubt there is anything to be gained by posting further. Don't worry about it, I don't!