Monday, 24 October 2011

Commons Debate will show up EUKIP's failure

Nikki Sinclaire with her hard work has achieved a hit on the EU phile Tories that Farage and his sleazy cabal of EU paid Brussels based drinking cronies could never have achieved. They only pay lip service to leaving the EU and have no intention of doing anything practical to further getting us out of the EU. You only have to look at their hopeless, antiquated web site , proprietor J Arnott, and compare it to the Greens, Lib Dems etc to see how little effort EUKIP makes between MEP elections. This stems from not just a lack of will at the top but a deliberate attempt to sabotage the efforts of those who could articulate the arguments to further our cause, mainly by kicking them out of UKIP leaving only the Farage loyalists who are not up to any serious factual political debate but do ad  hominen attacks ad nauseam. Nikki Sinclaire suffered from this as did I and many others.

It is to Nikki's everlasting credit that she refused to be distracted by these malicious attacks and attempts to sabotage her campaign and pressed on to achieve an outstanding result. There is an excellent post on Butcher's forum which summarise this very well. Click on link to read it

Trevor Colman, Rick Timis and Andrew Fear attempt to rectify some of the information deficiencies of UKIP on their The EUnit web site. Click on link to access. Trevor of course has now left UKIP's MEP group refusing, like Nikki, to associate with Farage's nasty neo-fascist 'colleagues' in the European parliament.

Farage, allegedly for red leather reasons wants to ingratiate himself with Boy Dave and the Tories. Hence his electoral offer reported in Saturday's Daily Telegraph that UKIP will not oppose those Tory MP's who today vote for a referendum on our EU membership. Click on link to read. Sounds a bit like UKIP's last great  Tory leader Pearson who even went out canvassing for the Tories.

Listen Farage if I and most other UKIP activists had wanted to work for the Tories we would have joined the Conservative party.  I don't like being conned.

Ashley Mote in the letter also published in Saturday's DT nails Cameron' undeliverable promise to repatriate powers to the UK from the EU. As Ashley's letter makes clear it can't be done while staying in the EU. its a lie and Cameron knows it!


MPs and others supporting the option of renegotiating British membership of the EU forget one crucial fact.

The process of Asquis Communautaire is embedded in the treaties.  It is a one-way ratchet.  Once the EU has taken “competence” over an area of government, it cannot be returned to the member states.  

Our only realistic alternative to membership is to walk away, take our billions with us, and wish them well.  If that is how Europeans want to govern themselves, that is a matter for them. 

We were far better off as a global player – and can be again. 

Europeans are our neighbours.  They should be our friends.  They cannot be masters in someone else’s house.

Ashley Mote

Precisely!  Ashley was of course kicked out of UKIP by the Farage regime in the usual manner and Andreasen installed as an MEP in Farage's South East region at Farage's behest. Where is Andreasen now? I gather she mainly divides her time between Barcelona and Brussels. Bannerman, another Farage protege, has gone of to the Tories.

But its the dog that will not bark that counts. There are no UKIP MP's in the Commons today to speak for our cause nor will there ever be while Farage controls UKIP. That is EUKIP's eternal shame.

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