Tuesday, 25 October 2011

EU Referendum Debate

The result of 81 Tories voting against Cameron can only be a good result for the UK. It however shows just how dependent the boy's government  is on Lib Dem support. Not a nice place to be as they are the most duplicitous and two faced of all UK political parties. If you wanted to pick out the nastiest dictatorships, just choose those with the word Democratic in their title. Pure Dr Goebbels! Thus it is with political parties. The Lib Dems are the most undemocratic and unscrupulous party operating  in the UK, They hide behind weasel words more than the Tories or Labour. Clegg was at it again today saying they would call a referendum if there was a further significant transfer of powers to the EU. Who says what is significant? Why Clegg over of course. I opine there never will be a significant transfer in the LibDem view.

Nikki with support from the Daily Express has put the EU problem  onto the UK political agenda big time for the rest of this parliament. It was amusing to see Farage jumping on the band wagon yesterday. Its available as a YouTube post on the UKIP website. It was a typical Farage rant in front of around 50 or so UKIP supporters. His cry against our MPs of 'Let them not forget' should resonate with these supporters also who should ask Farage, "What did you do to get the great debate dear leader?"

Many of the parliamentarians made excellent speeches raising many good points that Dave wants to ignore. David Nuttall who moved the motion raised an issue close to my heart viz the forced closure of the Bury special care baby unit because of the EU working time directive. This was laughed at by the Labour front bench. They should go up and explain the joke to the mothers who lost their babies in Bury because of the lack of neonatal special care medical staff. Truly those who control all the UK political parties including UKIP are the dregs  of humanity.

The difference between the front bench careerist politician speeches and those from the backbenches, many from MPs with no hope of preferment was obvious. The latter spoke from the heart and had clearly listened to their constituents. The former merely mouthed the party line and their interest was clearly their own political career. Farage's EUkip carries on just like the LibLabCon whips, threatening decent people with de-selection and demotion for not toeing the great leader's moronic line. Its not just boy Dave who has made a big mistake and misjudged the mood of his party and the country.

Things will never be the same for boy Dave. Like Greek debt backbench rebellion is contagious! In politics its not the enemies in front but the ones behind you have to watch out for. Dave has made a lot of enemies in the Tory party in a very short time. He is being propped up by Clegg over, not a prop I would want in my front row! His only positive is he is facing the worst leader of Labour since Michael Foot but it is a truism that oppositions don't win elections, governments lose them. If the next election returns the LibDems to the obscurity they deserve then that will be a positive result for the UK and would make another 5 years of Labour more palatable.

I think we are in for an interesting year politically and I would say its even money that the Coalition wont go the full distance.

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