Wednesday, 26 October 2011

A referendum to keep up the momentum of Monday's debate

Now the door has opened it is time to keep up the pressure on the EU lovers. The core argument all who want their country back must rebut is that it is an economic benefit to the UK to be in the EU and if we left we would have mass unemployment and a complete economic meltdown in the UK. A I wrote that is bollocks. It is a scare story fabricated by the EU philes and articulated ad nausem by Shirley Williams etc over the last 35 years to keep the UK public believing that without big Daddy EU we will be destroyed. but how do we rebut it?

This morning I found in my email box coming I suspect via Tim Congdon details of another e-petition that has just been started calling for:

" An independent cost benefit analysis of the UK membership of the EEC /EU since 1972. The resulting information to be published before a national referendum on whether to leave or remain a member of the EU."

This is something I have asked for many times since before Heath took us in and has always been refused by the political elite as expensive and pointless as the EU was so self evidently to our benefit. Well now we can force another debate in parliament like Monday's. Click on link to go through to the referendum page. If this link does not connect enter

in your web browser address line

Its the same rules as for Nikki's, we need to get 100000 signatures to force a debate and its all done over the web and by email - dead easy. This is the debate that will kill a lot of the EU lies and propaganda. I urge you to do it if you want your country back.

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