Monday, 17 October 2011

EU philes two big lies

To life's great lies, the cheque is in the post, I will still love you in the morning, we must add leaving the EU will cost jobs in the UK and the EU has kept the peace in Europe these last 50 years. Both are the exact opposite of the truth. They are scare stories to frighten the electorate into supporting the EU. UKIP must nail them at every opportunity.

The jobs scare story main proponent over the last 40 years has been the silver spoon in mouth, hypocrite Socialist Shirley Williams who while foisting comprehensive schools on everyone else without her wealth was sending her own children to fee paying schools. A woman who has never done a proper job in her life.

It was great to hear on Radio 4 tonight the BBC at last acknowledge it was possible to leave. A Civitas think tank spokesman told the truth about the job scare. The truth is the EU costs us jobs in the UK, directly in manufacturing and many more indirectly through its suffocating legislation which our own home grown bureaucrats love to gold plate. Any economic recovery in the UK is hindered not helped by our EU membership.

Businessmen who say otherwise are of course talking their own book and self interest. Nothing wrong with that provided their vested interest in the EU is admitted.

I heard one Tory MP at the weekend claim he had been to a meeting of 400 business men at the weekend and not one wanted to leave the EU. What was this meeting in aid of? I doubt if was a random sample. And I seem to recollect UK business was gung ho for UK's disastrous membership of the ERM. Business men speak for themselves not the UK population as any trade unionist will correctly tell you.

As for loss of the EU market, the UK has been trading with Europe long before the Roman's came to Rye and up the Severn strode and will continue to trade with Europe long after the EU has demised. Why? Self interest! And that is why any threats of banning UK goods are empty. The EU would lose twice what the UK did.

The peace claim is laughable. Look how the EU cannot even organise a rescue of a tiny country like Greece. Does anyone seriously believe this dysfunctional, motley crew of dodgy mid-Europeans could organise anything let alone the defence of Western Europe. Clearly the Yanks who did keep the peace in Europe these last 65 years via NATO don't think the Brussels shower can run anything. They are a collection of Tony Blair's. A hot air machine that produces initiative after initiative. Who cares if they work? Just crank up the hot air machine and move on to the next whizzo idea.

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