Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Well done Nikki & her EU referendum team. Farage should resign

As a result of Nikki Sinclaire's referendum campaign and all the hard work her team put in to get the required 100,000 signatures demanding a parliamentary debate on a national referendum on our continued membership of the EU we have a debate in the Commons on 27th October. Brilliant! It was a terrific effort by Nikki and her loyal team

She achieved this in the teeth of determined attempts to sabotage her campaign by Farage and his political careerist sycophants. She has shown what can be done and what UKIP can achieve if it rids itself of the dead weight of Farage and his odious, self seeking, careerist cabal.

I call for Farage to resign as leader and for Nikki, Trevor Mike Natrass and every one else expelled by the Cabal to be readmitted to UKIP.

We can then have a proper leadership election with candidates who want to leave the EU not those failed Tories like the Hamiltons who have done nothing for UKIP but desperately want to get on the MEP gravy train.

Farage is a loser for our cause surrounded by ex-Tory losers. He has to go.

Now is our hour with the Eurozone in total disarray and a huge ground swell of public opinion against the EU in the UK and Germany.

I watched Nikki on Andrew Neil's politics show today. She was excellent and has correctly positioned her strategy to appeal to all voters across the political spectrum, Tory and Labour. That is what will deliver us out of the EU and return to us our country. Joan of Arc did it for France 500 years ago. Nikki can do it for us today.

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