Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Great Dabate Debacle

UK membership of the Common Market now the EU has been one of history's great con jobs. A disgraceful political argument fighting the last war masquerading as an economic movement. There never were any economic benefits for the UK in 1972. I worked in the Civil Service at that time. There were certainly not any economic benefits to the UK then, only losses like our Fisheries, but fishermen had no votes in Toryland. There are considerably less benefits now especially when you add in the effects of uncontrollable EU immigration.

It was a political project from the start and remains a political project to this day. A desire for a United States of Europe generated by the humiliation the French in particular felt for having to be rescued by the hated Anglo Saxons twice in 25 years from the Huns and then the Russians. That motley incompetent crew of money grabbing mid Europeans who run the EU think they can compete with the USA. God help us if it ever comes to a real shooting war with these people in charge! I don't know what Barroso, Rumpy and Frumpy do to you but the idea they run the EU terrifies me.

Our basic problem is the huge democratic deficit we have in this country that enables the political class to get away with murder. Countries like Switzerland and Norway that have a real democracy have fared much better. Not in the EU, trading with Europe and with a high and rising per capita standard of living.

Our House of Commons is a mid 18th century joke with its nonsensical procedures that the political class exploit to feather their own nests and become Lords eventually. That is the root of our problem which will persist even if we get out of the EU.

The economic benefits claimed by the Europhiles are not because of the EU but despite it! I heard the slimy LibLabCon MacMillan Scott claim today that the EU had kept inflation on target these last 10 years. We achieved the same in the UK for 10 years under Eddie George. As a member of the MPC for most of that time admiited to me, "Is it because we are good? No its because we have been lucky to live in such benign times.

I want to vomit every time I hear a Europhile claiming credit for successes they had nothing to do with. Things are now getting a lot harder! Tell the Greeks about the benefits of EU rule and see the answer you get. When the times get tough the EU crats tell bigger and bigger lies like a collection of Comical Alis.

The other side, the stick, is the claim about how much trade we would lose if we left the EU. Andrew Neil nailed that one yesterday. WTO/GATT agreements cover 93% of our trade with the EU. Its an empty threat!

Still the great debate will expose the Witney Witterer for what he is, a secret Europhile. Funnily enough in 1969 his predecessor as MP for Witney, Old Etoniasn Hurd visited our student house in Oxford with E Heath. Europhilia is endemic in Witney or maybe they contract it at Eton.

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