Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Madame LePen shows UKIP how to capitalise on Euro crisis

The most unpopular group in all European countries are the bankers. Every politician worth his salt is trying to cash in on popular anger against the bankers, Milliband, Cameron, Cable etc. In Europe its the same story with Sarkozy and Merkel bashing the bankers for all they are worth. And the reason, because that's where the votes are.

Nothing depresses me more than the complete failure of Farage's EUKIP to capitlalise on the banker's unpopularity and the long running Eurozone crisis. They prefer to attack me with ancient lies  rather than attack the EU. Not so Marine LePen in France who has broadened her father's National Front party's appeal to the extent that she is now a real threat to Sarkozy in the first round of the 2012 French presidential election.

She has added to her father's vote wining anti-immigrant position  strong anti-Euro, anti bank and anti globalisation policies that appeal to France's large group of left wing trade unionist voters. So her party now appeals across the whole political spectrum and in  particular to the blue collar voters sick of shoring up the Euro and the oppressive power of global finance. She now appeals to the little people fed up with losing jobs to global rivals. LePen is promising to pull France out of the Euro, reinstate trade barriers and reassert the state's supremacy over market forces.

She is tapping into the huge anti-EU feeling in the French working class. All UKIP's bunch of old failed Tories will appeal to is a few old Tories who will return to vote Tory when it matter! That is never going to worry Dave and his chums. Who are UKIP's latest star recruits according to their spin machine? Hamilton and Lord Hesketh. Just the sort of people not to appeal to the UK working class and hard pressed middle class. Let them join UKIP by all means but why shout about it?

Marine LePen  has put her parties finances on a sound footing. When will Farage do the same for UKIP? Outside her parties Paris office stands a statue of Joan of Arc who saved France from foreign domination. That is who she is aiming to emulate. She is a true patriot. All UKIP can offer is third rate and defunct ex Tories, juvenile fourth rate political careerists and neo-fascist mid Europeans.

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