Friday, 7 October 2011

UKIP NEC Ballot guide

Last year I published a marked card of NEC candidates. Many people last year told me they found it helpful to know where candidates loyalties lay.  By overwhelming popular request I repeat this for this years runners and riders.

The two outstanding independent thinking candidates are:

David Rowlands
Mike Smith

both include one MEP , John Bufton and Trevor Colman as seconders. Trevor is now Independent UKIP and John is veering that way. I have worked with John and Trevor in the South West and I can vouch for their honesty, integrity and dedication to our cause. Both Mr Rowlands   and Mr Smith have real experience and are not reliant financially in any way on UKIP.

Then I would put those apparently untainted by Cabal and Young Independence (Farage youth) influence, no MEPs or party paid hacks amongst their proposers,

David Black
Nigel Carter
Charles Dodman
Michael Thomas
Rob McWhirter

The last would raise UKIP's IT quotient/

(The last is seconded by Julia Reid who I know can stand up to Farage)

If you want an independent NEC representing and upholding UKIP's aims and ideals then I suggest you vote for the first two above. Unlike the Cabal they are definitely not in UKIP for personal gain and as such represent the true ethos and spirit of UKIP.

The remainder are tainted by a mixture of MEP  and party hack support and  youth lacking experience. An easy target for Farage dangled Brussels baubles and finance. Most are to a greater or lesser extent Farage sycophants with some indeed supported by Farage himself or his long time associates Nuttall and  Malcolm Wood.

I see D Denny, another long time Farage supporter, boasts of being involved in  altering the party constitution yet again! So if you  want less party democracy in UKIP and more rule from the top think carefully about how you vote.

Neil Hamilton has more political baggage than Jacob Marley's ghost but I can see one good reason for having him on board. He would be a credible alternative leader to Nigel Farage! I anticipate there will be increasing unhappiness in UKIP when Farage pushes on with his pan European party. There will be resulting leadership challenge. UKIP needs a complete clear out at the top and Mr Hamilton and his wife might just do that.


Steve Allison said...

Surely that should be last year you published a marked card of NEC candidates showing where YOU thought candidates loyalties lay. You managed to get your assessment of me totally wrong so I don't see why you should be any more accurate this year. I wonder what exactly "many" is in relation to a n actual number of people who you claim found your spin helpful? Of course an overwhelming level of popular request could be one person asking you since I doubt "many" people care enough one way or the other to ask you NOT to pontifuicate on the NEC you are interested I will tell you that four of the individuals you mention each got one of my votes, however one of them was Doug Denny!

Sponplague said...

Hey, Eric! What have I done to offend you? I'm hardly a Faragista, and not in YI, and have Trevor's backing, so why am I a wrong-un?...

Steve Allison said...

Sorry Rob, I voted for you but then that's probably not a point in your favour! As one Faragist mouthpiece to another maybe I should slag you off and promise not to support you in any way in the future? That'l fool em!

Eric Edmond said...


Please accept my apologies. I forgot you know how Farage systems work.


I will correct your mis-classification. I think you shpuld apply to Steve for an on-line tutorial on how EUKIP functions to increase your chances of success.